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This is pathetic, even for Empress Grifts-A-Lot.

Scott Adams explains why V-neck sweaters and detergent commercials will motivate humiliated men to hit the voting booth for Donald Trump. Obviously.

Probably not at all, we assume, but here it is anyway! It's your Monday Morning Cringefest! But on Tuesday because we had Monday off!

Barack Obama is wrapping up his gnarly Vietnamese vacation. Wish we were there!

Let's all start doing video reviews of movies we have not seen!

Hillary surrogate Ed Rendell, you're not helping.

Another day, another way the world is being 'very nasty' to poor ol' Donald Trump!

Katrina Pierson explains to Megyn Kelly that it would actually be MORE sexist if he did not call women "bimbos."

Inside the secret illuminati plot to depopulate the world and deprive Roosh V of a wife that will make him all the sandwiches.

'I think the only thing she has got going is she’s a woman,' Trump told Matt Lauer on the Today Show.

Trump says he hasn't quite recovered from Clinton's reaction to his accusation that she is playing the 'woman card.'

Indiana ladies, have you been feeling neglected and unloved? You see governors and legislatures putting the screws to your sisters in other states, and...

Welcome to the sisterhood, Fox News! We've been totally not expecting you because, duh, you are Fox News. You forbid your girl talkers from...

It is getting hard to remember all the places Wonkette is world famous. Rachel Maddow wants to gay marry us and we haven't set...

On Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton gave a speech. And it was a great speech. Unless you are a white dude in The Media, in...

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