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Tag: sex acts

Didn't they send all the Puritans over here?

British Nanny State In Spot Of Bother At Freak Mustachio-Ride Skinflick Demises

British porn fans are about to see some changes in the material available for their wanking pleasure -- or at least in the domestically produced stuff. Last year, the Conservative government banned rape porn -- not in-real-life rape, which is...

In What ‘Sex Act’ Was Arnold Schwarzenegger Engaged When Snapped By Bob Guccione’s Camera?

Some of you are old enough to remember a fine man called Bob Guccione Jr Sr. He was an erudite fellow, not at all disgusting or blobby, and he owned the gentlemen's gazette Penthouse. This exceptional periodical was like...

Here’s Your 2008 Comical Bush/Turkey Photo

It's an annual tradition for the lucky AP photographer assigned to cover George W. Bush's Turkey Pardoning Ceremony to take the president's photo at the most awkward possible nanosecond and then order Drudge to rapidly disseminate the winning shot....