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  Crimes and Misdemeanors

Ted Cruz’s Underage Drinking Is The Only Thing We Like About Him

President Ted Cruz (R-Not Really)
Yesterday, Buzzfeed reported that prominent Canadian gag gift Sen. Ted Cruz pled guilty to possession of alcohol as a minor in 1987. He was but a little Cruzlet in high school shortpants when he got pulled over (racially profiled?) with a fresh case of beer in his car, whoops! Put that shit in the trunk, son! Did a young Rafael Edward Cruz waive his Fourth Amendment rights? Impeach. Read more on Ted Cruz’s Underage Drinking Is The Only Thing We Like About Him…
  the gods are smiling on us

Larry ‘Wide Stance’ Craig Is Back! And Guilty! Again!

Life is full of important lessons. Look both ways before crossing the street. If you are a professional sportsball player, don’t domestic violence a woman on video. Ladies, don’t get raped. And today, we learn a political lesson: If you are a closeted Republican politician soliciting anonymous gay sex in airport bathrooms, you CANNOT use campaign funds to try to reverse your guilty plea. Who knew?!? Read more on Larry ‘Wide Stance’ Craig Is Back! And Guilty! Again!…
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Obama Isn’t Trying To Ban Guns, He’s Just Trying [To Ban Guns]

Via Buzzfeed via Facebook: CoalitiontoStopGunViolence Those letters you get in the mail that beg you to give money to feed blind children to the whales in disempoverished communities are called “direct mail.” Political organizations also use direct mail to raise money and recruit members because it’s weirdly effective, especially with people aged 65 and over. One such organization, the gun fetishist group National Association for Gun Rights, recently sent a mailer with a [fullashit] quote from our president, Barack Obama, on the outside of the envelope. It reads: “In the coming weeks, I will use whatever power this office holds [to ban guns].” – President Barack Obama Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski helpfully provides the real quote, which Obama said after guns had nothing at all to do with the Sandy Hook Massacre: “In the coming weeks, I’ll use whatever power this office holds to engage my fellow citizens, from law enforcement, to mental health professionals, to parents and educators, in an effort aimed at preventing more tragedies like this, because what choice do we have? We can’t accept events like this as routine.” Read more on Obama Isn’t Trying To Ban Guns, He’s Just Trying [To Ban Guns]…
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Was Tennessee’s $300 Million Anti-Union Bribe To Volkswagen A Bribe?

Nice auto plant you got here, Volkswagen. Shame if anyone were to unionize it. Incredible though it may seem, that’s the gist of this report from the front lines of the War Against Workers. In short, it looks like Tennessee offered Volkswagen a $300 million incentive to expand its factory in Chattanooga — but the money came with a catch. In the government’s own words: “The incentives … are subject to works council discussions between the State of Tennessee and VW being concluded to the satisfaction of the State of Tennessee.” And of course the State of Tennessee made no secret of what outcome would meet with their satisfaction. Tennessee’s junior senator, Bob Corker, was quite vocally (and maybe illegally) opposed to unionization at the plant. And oh look, it gets worse! Read more on Was Tennessee’s $300 Million Anti-Union Bribe To Volkswagen A Bribe?…
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Please Oh Please Run For President, Bernie Sanders

Earlier this month, Bernie Sanders told The Nation’s John Nichols that he is “prepared to run for President of the United States,” and now we are treated to a reminder of how awesome that would be every time we read a new “who besides Hillary” item. It is like an It Gets Better Project for socialists. It doesn’t matter at all that Bernie Sanders has little chance of becoming president. A serious Sanders run would act as a year-long opinion poll: “Should Democrats advocate for policies that will make the country better even if some people who run large financial institutions don’t like these policies?” If Sanders can push Hillary even half as far left as Santorum/Gingrich/Cain/Bachmann/Perry/FOX pushed Romney to the right, we might actually be able to vote for her in the general without risking injury to our mortal souls. Read more on Please Oh Please Run For President, Bernie Sanders…
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Handsome Losers Scott Brown, Joe Miller Running For Office Again, But Where Is Christine O’Donnell?

The best man to represent wherever he happens to land
FRIDAY TWOFER OF SHAME! Part I: Scott Brown, that handsome former Senator fellow who once accused Elizabeth Warren of masquerading as a Red Indian, is expected to “launch an exploratory committee for a U.S. Senate bid in New Hampshire,” which is weird because we thought he already did something like that? And he drew a bigger crowd of protesters than supporters? Bqhatevwr, we’re sure he knows what he’s grifting. But who is Part II of your Handsome Loser twin billing, besides a man called “Joe Miller”? IT IS JOE MILLER, that Alaska stubble-faced frontiersman who went to Yale and once (“allegedly”) wrongfully imprisoned a reporter, for asking him a question! Read more on Handsome Losers Scott Brown, Joe Miller Running For Office Again, But Where Is Christine O’Donnell?…
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No Unemployment Moolah For Minnesota GOP Staffer Canned For Laying Senator

ST. PAUL, Minn. Michael Brodkorb is an unemployed worker who is carrying a heavy burden like so many others during these challenging economic times. After losing his job, he filed for unemployment. Every day he waited at the mailbox, hoping this would be the day he could turn his lights back on. Then it happened. An envelope from the state arrived! It was about his unemployment. His claim was rejected. Is Minnesota unfairly rejecting hard working Americans’ right to benefits? Is this typical ‘you forgot to cross a ‘t’ bullshit? Or could it be the former Republican Senate staffer proudly announced was plowing his former boss Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch? The answer is still a mystery, but details are to come and come hard. Read more on No Unemployment Moolah For Minnesota GOP Staffer Canned For Laying Senator…
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‘NY Post’ Vindicated On Kennedy Story

Man, last night all the haters were hating on the Post for breaking the astonishing news that the nice rich lady with important friends had decided not to demand a lifelong appointment to the House of Lords after all. Well, now your precious MSM liberal gray lady of record, the New York Times, says the same thing, so it’s official: Caroline Kennedy will be roasted and eaten by David Paterson, with mint jelly, for lunch. Read more on ‘NY Post’ Vindicated On Kennedy Story…
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HEADLINE OF THE DAY: “Plea Deal for Woman Accused of Having Sex With Senator’s Husband.” (And here’s what it’s actually talking about, and here’s the hooker gal, too!) [Washington Post]

Barack Obama’s Dastardly Rage And Corruption Revealed

Is Barack Obama little more than a self-serving, angry wench, just like Hillary Clinton? A reporter who covered Obama for a small Chicago paper during his state senate career writes in a new feature for the Houston Press that “vanilla” Obama’s ambition during those days may have led to some… back room deals? Ignoring his black constituents and their black issues? Yelling at reporters, who then go on to write negative first-person tell-alls for the Houston Press during his presidential campaign? Barack Obama has the dirtiest record of any politician except John McCain. Read more on Barack Obama’s Dastardly Rage And Corruption Revealed…

Kennedy Book Bid To Top Five Million

While were were quite happy with the Ted Kennedy tell-all Senator, written by former aide Richard Burke (Ricky! Give me that cookie!), it looks like we’ll soon be hearing from the old lion himself, as a bidding war has reached the mid-seven figure range. Washington, D.C., attorney Bob Barnett, who worked book deals for Alan Greenspan, and Bill and Hillary Clinton, is handling the Kennedy deal. According to the New York Post, “selected publishers met with Kennedy in Washington in September and were asked to give their assessments of what they could do by last Friday. The auction began Monday. “It should be over by [today],” said one source.” Read more on Kennedy Book Bid To Top Five Million…