Senate campaigns

Here, HERE is how the opening to the Sarah Palin Is Eaten By Moon Nazis movie sequel will start: there will be a guy with a silly name like “Barry Hinckley,” a Republican candidate for the United States Senate who looks vaguely like a post-meltdown Charlie Sheen, growing flustered when his prop 5-year-old child malfunctions […]

Tom Leppert is running for Senate in Texas. Who is Tom Leppert? He is a strange tool who wants to collect email addresses for his Senate campaign fundraising spam lists by starting a delusional petition site to “End the Occupation” because, he says, “the Occupy Wall Street crowd represents the same flawed values that got […]

Connecticut GOP Senate candidate Peter Schiff is trying to raise enough funds to educate the good people of the Nutmeg State about his primary opponent, wrestling lady Linda McMahon, and her out-of-control, crotch-kicking ways. This information could save thousands of Republican men from making unwanted trips to the testicle doctor.