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Trump Judge Nom Wendy Vitter: Was Segregation BAD? That Is For Her To Know And To Also Not Tell You!

Plus: Does being on birth control mean you'll get murdered? Don't ask Wendy Vitter! She ain't sayin'!

They Blinded All The Science. Wonkagenda For Mon., July 3, 2017

Ted Cruz secretly starts CruzCare, Chris Christie beaches himself, and Josh Groban schools Trumpkin Twitter trolls.

Betsy DeVos To Give Graduation Speech At Historically Black University, Proving No One Has Yet Suffered Enough

This seems kind of inevitable, doesn't it? Also inevitable: your OPEN THREAD.

Obama NEVER Tapped That Ass! Wonkagenda For Mon., March 6, 2017

Trump crossed his wires and spent all weekend yelling at people! Your morning news brief!

Betsy DeVos Lauds Segregation For Helping Blacks Set Up Excellent Colleges All For Themselves

Be glad today's the last day of Black History Month. DeVos may not say anything crazy about race for a while.

Trump Idiot At Chili’s Makes America Great Again All Over Black Veteran

A new problem to worry about: Trump-inspired restaurant vigilantes.
Surely no one who read the Bible would fight for the wrong side

Washington National Cathedral Removing Confederate Stain From Glass Windows

Washington National Cathedral will remove the Confederate battle flag from two stained glass windows donated by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. It's about time they got off their glass.

Mississippi Governor Tired Of You Discriminating Against His Shiny New Jim Crow Laws For Homos

Phil Bryant says he is just trying to protect people who want to discriminate from being discriminated against.

Arkansas School Not Racist, Just Wants To Make Sure The Blacks Don’t Gangbang Everybody

Maumelle High School in Maumelle, Arkansas, is doing real good at the racial issues, y'all. At least it's TRYING, but mean liberal ACLU-types are up in its grill saying, "THAT'S RACIST!" And here is why: Shortly after arriving at school Wednesday morning,...
They're laughing with me, right Mama?

Bristol Palin Is Not Amused By You, Internet

Bristol Palin has once again found time in her busy schedule, somewhere between her Stitch 'n' Bitch sessions with the Virgin Mary about how totally weird Immaculate Conception feels and personally leading the U.S. effort to defeat ISIS in Syria,...
It's about a heritage of resistance to tariffs

‘No Racial Slurs’ Rule At Confederate Rally Worked Out As Well As You’d Expect

So a few hundred supporters of the Treason Flag rallied at Stone Mountain, Georgia, the (re)birthplace of the modern KKK, and despite the organizers' explicit warning that there should be "no racial slurs," since the Liberal Media would be...
Not intended to be a factual illustration

Come On Down To This Confederate Flag Rally, But Please Don’t Say N*gger Out Loud

There's yet another rally planned to show support for the flag of the losing side in the Civil War, this time set for Saturday at Stone Mountain in Georgia, and just to make sure there's no confusion about the...
Funny strange, not funny ha ha

Rand Paul Can Fix Racism With Tax Cuts And More Republicans

Rand Paul continued his mavericky streak of being the only Republican who wants to reach out to black voters -- or at least wave his hand in their general direction -- with a speech Tuesday to Republicans in Baltimore,...
Your basic national treasure

A Comic Book Got John Lewis Interested In Civil Rights. What’ll It Take To Interest Boehner?

Today's the 50th anniversary of "Bloody Sunday," or at least the American Civil Rights Movement's version of it -- kind of makes you proud as an English-speaking human being that in addition to this one and the 1972 massacre...