secret meetings

Here was an odd little brag from the People’s Senator, the fanny for the common man, the rootin’-est, tootin’-est Playgirl model to ever bare his treasure trail in the US Congress: “Each and every day that I’ve been a United States senator, I’ve been discussing issues, meeting on issues, in secret meetings with kings and […]

These are strange times, so it is not too surprising that Herman “Let’s Just Ban All the Mosques” Cain is now just a few Pillars of Islam away from becoming the East Coast’s hottest new imam. Just last week, Herman Cain was very serious about that part in the First Amendment that says mosques are […]

How did Hillary Clinton, who’s been locked in her Washington home on a barbiturate bender for the last 48 hours with the press clamoring at the gates, and Barack Obama, who commands an even larger, consolidated national press corps now, manage to meet privately (for hot bottled water) at that senator gal’s house last night? […]

HILLARY CLINTON  4:55 pm May 7, 2008

by Jim Newell