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This is what Michelle Obama looks like when she rips up old dumb policies.

Your Weekly Top Ten Is Still Obsessed With That Badass Michelle Obama Speech


Somebody Did All The Groping, And It Was Donald Trump (Allegedly)

This is so unexpected!

To All You Nimrods Losing It Over Hillary Clinton’s ‘Public’ And ‘Private’ Positions …


Loser Donald Trump Can’t Stop Crying Over What A Big Loser He Is

Donald Trump blames everybody but himself for how he's losing like such a sad, weak loser right now.

Trump Idiots: Really, Is ‘Grabbing Them By The Pussy’ Even *Wrong*?

Sen. Jeff Sessions can't figure out if it's sexual assault, and Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway is all PFFFFFT EVERYBODY DOES IT.

Mike Pence Still In Love With Cuddly Pussburglar Donald Trump

Principles! Mike Pence does not have them!

Martha Raddatz Yanks Talking Stick From Hillary To ‘Splain Donald Trump What ‘War’ Is

Martha Raddatz was a Very Good Moderator!

Donald Trump’s Debate Performance Didn’t Really Grab Us By The Pussy

On the subject of the leaked 'Grab them by the pussy' tape, Trump fell flat. Hillary, on the other hand, kicked ass.

Donald Trump Is Going To Ruin Your Weekend. Your Sunday Night Debate Preview!

Everything you never wanted to know about Sunday's presidential debate!

Donald Trump Preparing For Sunday’s Debate By … Oh Screw It

Debate prep is for LOSERS.

Sucks How Secret CIA Spy Anderson Cooper Plans To Rig Second Debate For Hillary Clinton

Guess this is just what happens when you allow the world to be ruled by Obama's Army of Beyoncés. :(
Also, they're not so crazy about his followers

Donald Trump’s Idiot Advisers Have Plan To Help Him Win Next Debate, Ayup, You Betcha!

STEP ONE: Be nothing like Donald Trump.

Barack Obama’s $3 Million Overhead Projector Made Of Pork

So last night in the debate John McCain mentioned this despicable project Barack Obama supported, Chicago-style, by throwing 3 million of taxpayers' dollars at some overhead projector in a planetarium. It was made of pork! Which is just weird,...

Inevitable Campaign Paraphernalia Follows Last Night’s ‘That One’ Remark

Oh hell here is your dumb graphic that you have already seen on a million Left-wing Liberal Media Blogs this morning, because why not. Only other news is our little subprime mortgage meltdown suddenly becoming a world-devouring financial virus...

Substantive, Civilized Debate Disappoints

Seriously, what was up with that super boring debate last night? John McCain was supposed to call Barack Obama a terrorist pal, and then Barack Obama was supposed to say "Hey man that is just wrong" and rip off...