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Barack Obama’s $3 Million Overhead Projector Made Of Pork

So last night in the debate John McCain mentioned this despicable project Barack Obama supported, Chicago-style, by throwing 3 million of taxpayers’ dollars at some overhead projector in a planetarium. It was made of pork! Which is just weird, since Muslims aren’t supposed to like pigs, or celestial navigation. Read more on Barack Obama’s $3 Million Overhead Projector Made Of Pork…
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Inevitable Campaign Paraphernalia Follows Last Night’s ‘That One’ Remark

Oh hell here is your dumb graphic that you have already seen on a million Left-wing Liberal Media Blogs this morning, because why not. Only other news is our little subprime mortgage meltdown suddenly becoming a world-devouring financial virus that has ushered in a Global Panic, so we hope you have been hoarding your pinto beans and corn husks! They are all you will have to eat for the next five (5) years. But hey what about that time John McCain sort of half-gestured in Barack Obama’s direction and called him “that disrespectful colored”? Hilarious! [“That One” 08] Read more on Inevitable Campaign Paraphernalia Follows Last Night’s ‘That One’ Remark…
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Substantive, Civilized Debate Disappoints

Seriously, what was up with that super boring debate last night? John McCain was supposed to call Barack Obama a terrorist pal, and then Barack Obama was supposed to say “Hey man that is just wrong” and rip off McCain’s testicles and sautĂ© them gently before feeding them to Tom Brokaw with un sauce bĂ©arnaise which is precisely how an elitist is supposed to confront a grizzled old war hero in a Town Hall. Instead we got a lot of respectful disagreement, which was dull. Sure, the reaction last night was bad enough. But witness this morning’s sad collection of headlines: Read more on Substantive, Civilized Debate Disappoints…