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Militia Boys Havin’ A Good Ol’ Time Keeping The Border Safe From Eight-Year-Olds, Yeehaw

  Comic-Con Has Far Better Costumes
so brave
From the San Antonio Express-News, we have a photo update on the Great Big Militia Border Protection ...
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Men With Guns All Freaked Out By Topless Counter-Protesters’ Dirtypillows

  tit for tat protests
In general, the lamest running gag in Space Dandy. But it works here.
The brave gun-fondlers of Come And Take It Texas don’t have a problem with walking around ...
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Hey Washington DC, Grab All The Guns You Want And Go To Chipotle!

  load up on guns and bring your friends
Washington DC in the near future (artist's conception)
In a great ruling for anyone who wants to walk around Our Nation’s Capitol while packing heat, ...
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Philosophy Professor On Dealing With Open-Carry Advocates: Don’t Be Here Now

  run away! run away!
We have a brand new social-media nerdcrush, and it’s for Jack Russell Weinstein, professor of ...
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Idiots Wave Guns Around At Dealey Plaza To Prove Guns Never Hurt Anybody

  triumph of the wtf
Pink AR-15 is pink
A group of Constitution-loving patriots from Come And Take It Dallas — not the more familiar ...
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Responsible Gun Owners Take Aim At Traffic, Friends, Insufficient Jizz

  Our Cold Dead Hands
Gotta Be Ready
Hey, well-regulated militia, how’s the responsible gun ownership going lately? If we’re ...
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Florida Man Arrested For Explaining Constitution Says He Can Shoot Entire Miami-Dade County Commission

  a land rant institution
Meet Jose Antonio Fernandez, who has had all he can stand of Governmental Overreach, and by god he is ...
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Another Day, Another Loaded Gun Left In A Public Toilet Stall, At Walmart This Time

  why don't they look?
We may be getting a little jaded. We’re starting to wonder if this sort of thing is even news ...
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