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Where oh where is a tinfoil-hat-wearing bigot supposed to turn these days for hatespeech dressed up as news? It sure isn’t Fox, that’s for sure. First, Fox refuses to cover BENGHAZIIIII!!!!!! 27 hours a day (“24 hours in a day” is just a liberal hoax like global warming or gravity), and now it is going […]

Congresstool Louie Gohmert (R-Arkham) told Sean Hannity on Tuesday that when he was a judge, he figured that a mouthy defendant had to be dealt with, so he “duct taped his head” in keeping with Article Umpty-Leven of the Constitution. This conversation was somehow supposed to be relevant to a discussion of the court martial […]

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Do you watch Morning Joe? We do not watch Morning Joe. Our mom, Commie Mom, watches Morning Joe, for the same reason she listens to Rush Limbaugh: she has dangerously low blood pressure, and without some hypertension SHE WOULD DIE.

Serious question, Wonkvilleins, because the conservative ladeez of “Politichicks” have put together a Conservative Men Swinging Dicks contest that for real includes Rush Limbaugh, Jonah Goldberg, Joseph Farah and Neil Cavuto, COME ON. (To be fair, those bloated piles of pig anus feature in subcategories like “New Media” and “Rush Limbaugh” and did not final.) […]

You see, Wonkdiddlydaddies, this is why we won’t let you ideate on murdering your political enemies. You thought it was just us never letting you have any fun, when, in reality, it was to save you from ever having to look into a mirror and realize you acted like Ann Coulter.

So there was a sportsball thing that happened in the past couple days where a head coach of college basketsportsball got fired for providing college kids some teachable moments by kicking them, hitting them, throwing sportsballs at their heads, and calling them pretty much every homophobic slur you can think of. He sounds nice! Rational […]

Oh this is cute. Fox News sort of Democrat person Kirsten Powers tries to tell Sean Hannity he is “insane” for being mad that the Obama daughters went on vacation. “That’s insane?” he asks. “No, that’s MY money. Arglebargle WHITE HOUSE TOUUUUUUURSSSSSS.” He also jumps all over Dumb Stupid Jerk Joe Biden for going to […]

Today is International Women’s Day, which means two things. First, we have to listen to people say stupid things like: “I’m not a sexist, but why isn’t there an International Men’s Day?” The correct answer to that question is International Men’s Day is in November and the more correct answer is (read in your best […]

Oh dear, whom is Democratic Congressman (and MOOSLIM NEVAR FORGET!!!1!) Keith Ellison calling a low-life scumbag today? None other than Scumbaggitty. Civility! To the fainting couch! Someone alert Jon Stewart, the tone has become Untoward! Above, you’ll find TalkingPointsMemo’s supercut of the interview, where right out the gate, with a delighted smile on his face, […]

Oh, Trayvon Martin, we are so sorry you are dead. You were just a few months younger than our own terrible son, who is terrible. We understand from others that this is not “rare.” And that he may grow out of it by the time he’s 25, or 30. You will not be 25 or […]

Sean Hannity took to the Cablewaves to complain about the shocking, cruel, unkind analogy that Bob Schieffer used last week, where he outrageously compared one thing with other things, which is something that we as Americans should just not do. On a Jan. 16 CBS News special report on Newtown and guns, Schieffer discussed how […]

Oh, Obama. We tried so hard to keep your secret under wraps. We figured that no one would ever figure out how devious you were. We figured we could keep your real plan a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma all mixed together inside a delicious smoked brisket burrito. Sadly, we were wrong. […]

Lovable coot/evil Santa impostor/”radical leftwing Hollywood actor” Ed Asner has magnanimously offered to “piss on” a Hannity ambush producer. It’s a delightful bit of tape, and well-worth sitting through Mediaite’s ad even! (WAAAH ADS. WE KNOW. SHUT UP.) Asner slurs a bit while saying the poor should be pissing on the rich, and we hope […]

AND ANOTHER THING ABOUT THE ELECTION! (This will be your life for the next few days, get used to it.) Here are Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity, giving us THEIR opinions about why the GOP got their ass handed to them on Tuesday, and you will never guess what they have to say. Or maybe […]

Former half-term GILF and current Facebook celebrity Sarah Palin thinks Barack Obama is a very bad man. What did the Kenyan Usurper do this time? He said “Voting is the best revenge.” As you can imagine, this is the biggest threat the Republic has ever known except for that one time some New Black Panthers […]