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Here’s Sean Hannity posing next to a machine gun on a Border Patrol boat on the Big River Rio Grande in Texas, or May-hee-co, or perhaps hundreds of miles up a river that snakes through the immigration war like a main circuit cable. But here he is, on the boat. “Never get out of the […]

Sometimes people claim that conservatives don’t know what’s funny, but Sean Hannity knows what’s funny, like calling women “genitalia.” In an interview with frothing radio rodent Mark Levin, who defended the honor of ladies everywhere by telling Martin Bashir not to feed Sarah Palin a dookie, Hannity got some world-class giggles when Levin made a […]

You guys, Fox News thinks that President Roosevelt screwed the pooch again. After yesterday’s amphibious landings in Normandy, the network grudgingly agreed that Allied troops had established a beachhead in France, but they were really not happy with how Our Boys pulled it off, insisting that the casualties were unacceptably high, speculating that “Two-Wheeler Delano” […]

Jon Stewart was in fine form Monday with this segment on the not exactly unpredictable rightwing reaction to the release of Bowe Bergdahl. You’d think getting the last prisoner out of the hands of the Taliban would be a “Magnificent Wonderful Story,” but then the starting with the battle of clichés: “We don’t negotiate with […]

Sarah Palin has given a lot of thought to this scandal at the Veterans Administration, and she has determined, with some help from Sean Hannity, that the best way to describe the V.A. hospital system is with a lie that she made up in 2009. At the “Republican Leadership Conference” in New Orleans Thursday, Hannity […]

Oh em gee, you guys, the ghost thinker for Sarah Palin’s brain has informed her that she is SUPER empissened about the just discovered BREAKING news that America does not treat its veterans so good, actually. No, we are not talking about that time some uber Patriot-Americans booed an openly gay Iraq War veteran. Nor […]

Well here is a “fun” video that MediaMatters has flagged for us! It begins with Terrible Michelle Obama and Terrible Eric Holder speaking about the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education. We are sorry to report this, but Holder claims there is still racism in this country, as if! And Obama doubles down […]

Human-shaped fecal matter Marco Rubio has been taking some heat the last couple of days over his weekend comments regarding climate change and how it’ll take a lot more than 99% of climate scientists saying it is happening to convince him that it is actually happening, and even if it is happening, we don’t know […]

Back when the news was covering the militia yahoos flocking to Cliven Bundy’s ranch from all over America to defend the old coot’s right to mooch off the federal government like a common welfare queen, a few pundits were calling out Bundy’s enablers in the wingnut media for feeding the fire. With all those shootin’ […]

After Jon Stewart spent a good chunk of the week on the Cliven Bundy story (and feuding with Sean Hannity), it’s a little surprising to see that The Colbert Report didn’t touch it until Thursday, after the right’s new darling shared his thoughts on the negro. (Then again, both shows were on break last week.) […]

Jon Stewart clearly had entirely too much fun Tuesday replying to Sean Hannity’s pissy little tirade about Jon Stewart’s coverage of Hannity’s hypocritical coverage of the Bundy Ranch Freedom Cow Jamboree. Round three of the volley was just about everything you could want from a Daily Show segment. READ MORE

So much happy! So little time! Sean Hannity SO MAD at Jon Stewart, SOOOO MAD! OPRAH’s ex-stepmom sounds like a real nice lady who calls her stepdaughter “ghetto,” laughs at her taste, calls her a lesbian, and then is : ( that Oprah won’t let her live in her mansion. How does Upworthy think you’re […]

Professional Conservative Victim Sean Hannity shared his tears with the nation Tuesday night, carefully debunking Jon Stewart’s satirical commentary on Hannity’s coverage of the Great Cow Freedom Movement. You see, Jon Stewart is a “hack comedian” who is among the “chief apologists for the Obama administration.” In a prolonged rant and panel discussion that lasts […]

Jon Stewart is back from break, and not a moment too soon, because we’ve needed his sanity on the Great Nevada Cow Freedom Standoff of 2014. Or as Stewart calls it, “your standard boy has cow, boy breaks law for 20 years, boy loses cow story.” And then came the militia, and a clip of […]

Fox News is pretty sure that World Net Daily must know some real inside stuff about the armed-standoff goings-on at Bundy Ranch, like for instance the government causing the lunar eclipse. Also, the jackbooted thugs who come to seize yr stuff when you don’t pay your grazing fees for 197,000 years, those jackbooted thugs may […]