If you don’t hate Bank of America, you just haven’t ever dealt with Bank of America. Or perhaps you have never heard of banks at all? (Lucky you!) In any case, gazillionaire asshole Bryan Moynihan wants you to know that he also hates you for not loving his awesome bank: CEO Bryan Moynihan says the […]

What have the Koch Brothers been up to, with their myriad front groups and extremist anti-American pogroms? Oh, just having their political shock troops post fake eviction notices on the houses of Michigan homeowners, for the lulz. This is what the Koch Brothers’ “Americans For Prosperity” goons were doing: Bearing the words “Eviction Notice” in […]

A grotesque 68-year-old car salesman, Republican “young gun” (?!) and failed Senate/House candidate from Ohio has been charged with “three felony charges of gross sexual imposition, and single counts of kidnapping, abduction, solicitation, and menacing by stalking.” Tea Party-endorsed Tom Ganley allegedly attacked a woman from Cleveland and stuck his hands down her pants after […]

Remember when everybody was so outraged about actual Oil Industry Millionaire Joe Barton apologizing to BP for all the trouble America caused by allowing BP to destroy the entire Gulf of Mexico? And the GOP House leadership dragged Barton into a back room and slapped his cheeks gently with their flaccid old orange penises? And […]

South Carolina, what a poop pile, right? It is no wonder the governor, Mark Sanford, never wants to spend any time in that goddamned place. Have you ever been down there? It is this awful fetid swamp, most of it consisting of nuclear waste dumps (in the rivers!), and one-in-five adults are jobless, forever, when […]