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Scott Walker Ends Climate Change, By Censoring It From State Website. Thanks Scott Walker!

Scott Walker takes the lead in throwing climate change down the memory hole.

Obama Hates 22nd Amendment. Wonkagenda For Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Trump University keeps a door open for charity, Scott Walker cleans up climate change, and the student debt bubble gets bigger. Your daily news brief!

Paul Ryan Campaigning With Donald Trump, But SHHHHHHHH, It’s Too Embarrassing!

They are going to the county fall fest in Wisconsin! They will eat cotton candy and get stuck on top of the ferris wheel together maybe!
Also, there are some kickass coupons for Sofas & Quills

Wonkagenda: Monday, August 15, 2016

You get in here and read your morning news brief, RIGHT NOW!

Wonkagenda: Thursday, August 11, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!

Wonkagenda: Monday, 07-25-2016

Well a good groggy Monday to you, Wonkers! It was pretty hot this weekend, hopefully you didn't melt into a gross puddle and get mistaken for a Pokemon. Here's some of the stories that may grace the pixels of...
But his bosses didn't like him so they shot him into spaaaaace.

Scott Walker Pretty Much Only Republican Willing To Be Seen At Trump’s Coronation

Scott Walker, who dropped his own pursuit of the presidency so others could stop Donald Trump, is now going to support Trump to stop Hillary Clinton. He simply can't stop himself.
Not as fun as a new car :(

It’s Michigan’s Turn For Welfare Drug Tests To Fail, Yay Welfare Drug Tests!

Yet another state program to test welfare recipients for drugs has found no drug fiends getting welfare. Clearly, the answer is tougher drug tests.

Mitt Romney Will Be GOP’s Sexxxy Knight In Shining Armor! Or Scott Walker! Or Somebody!

PLEASE SOMEBODY, ANYBODY! The #NeverTrumpers are DYING here!

New #NeverTrump Plan To Stop Donald Trump Is BRB CAN’T STOP GIGGLING

Maybe this would work! Or maybe there would be riots!

Donald Trump Threatening Everyone Who Won’t Let Donald Trump Be President Already

When you kick off your professional life with a cool one million dollars from Daddy (which you, laughably, characterized as a "small loan") and you file corporate bankruptcy and screw your creditors every time the going gets tough, you probably...

Scott Walker’s Favorite Queer-Hatin’ Judge Will Hate Queers On Wisconsin Supreme Court

<a href="http://wonkette.com/599386/scott-walkers-favorite-judge-was-a-real-queer-hatin-hoot-in-college"></a>Failed presidential candidate Scott Walker had a GREAT night in Wisconsin last night! First of all, his new BFF Ted Cruz won the Republican primary. But EVEN BETTER, remember how we told you about Rebecca Bradley, the judge...

Scott Walker’s Favorite Judge Was A Real Queer-Hatin’ Hoot In College

If you're a fan of those sorts of blog posts where we talk a whole bunch of malarkey about somebody, and then at the end say, "She seems nice!" then you are in luck! Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R-Loser)...
am i preznit yet?

Debtor Scott Walker Poised To Let Collectors Loose On Debtors Who Aren’t Scott Walker

Scott Walker, where ya been?! Making Wisconsin Great Again by stealing elections? Watching election returns in sweat pants covered with bratwurst juice? Maybe a little from column A and a little from column B? Well snap out of it, man!...
Same image is also captioned with 'We are the radical leftists of the NEA. And we have your kids!' Gotta love the internet.

Supreme Court Fixing To Strangle Uppity Public Worker Unions Dead, Maybe

Big things at the Supreme Court Monday, with oral arguments in a case that could do Seriously Bad Things to public sector unions. If the plaintiffs in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association win, unions representing public workers could "lose tens...
"punch buggy black... Two 'fer coughing!"

Will The Government Go All Neville Chamberlain On Volkswagen??

Way back in 2015, Scott Walker was a viable presidential candidate, llamas roamed the streets, and Volkswagen was in deep scheisse for equipping automobiles with software that allowed its cars to cheat emissions tests. While the llamas were captured...