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It’s The GOP Tax Bill Hokey-Pokey!


Maggie Haberman SO MAD About … THE DOSSIER. Wonkagenda For Wed., Oct. 25, 2017

Republicans try a new distraction, Mike Pence kills consumer safety in a tux, and Devin Nunes is still an ignorant slut. Your morning news brief.

Scott Brown Runs For Senate In New Zealand

If you needed any further proof that Trump's plan is to slowly poison everything lovely in the world while simultaneously grinding people to dust beneath his heel just to prove to himself that he can because he is a...
God, that's just so dumb. Doesn't Obama even care that Americans are DYING?

Fox News Says Andrea Tantaros Is Big Honking Liar Who Lies So Much

Who's telling the truth? Andrea Tantaros? Fox News? Both of them? ARE THEY ALL HUGE LIARS?

Andrea Tantaros To Fox News: Take This Lie Detector Test Or I Will BEAT YOUR ASS

Andrea Tantaros is not the liar, YOU ARE THE LIAR.

Scott Brown Too Sexy To Have Sex-Harassed Anyone, According To Scott Brown

Andrea Tantaros, she is a jerk, and she hates feminism. But that doesn't mean she doesn't get the benefit of our feminist foremothers fighting for things like "making it so you can sue when your jerk boss makes you...
This isn't about democracy, this is about politics. Which Democracy doesn't need.

Andrea Tantaros’s Lawsuit Against Fox News Is OMG WTF INSANE!

Bill O'Reilly's in there too. AND former Sen. Scott Brown. AND Dean Cain. AND AND AND AND AND!

Where’s Weirdest Place Ex-Sen. Scott Brown And Wife Ever ‘Did It’? No, Not In The Butt.

Where's the strangest place Scott Brown and his wife, who he may have seen naked more than once, have ever done sexxytimes? None of your business!

Donald Trump Flicks Original Zinger At Racist Pocahontas Lady Elizabeth Warren

How will Warren ever recover from this????

You’ll Need A Cigarette After Watching Elizabeth Warren’s Latest Donald Trump Nad-Stompin’

Seriously, can she be the vice president? Because that would be just great.
You liberals can't complain about this and still support Warren, because Reasons

Deleted Comments: Wingnuts Have ONE Joke About Elizabeth Warren. Guess What It Is? Guess!

Rightwing critics of Elizabeth Warren have ONE HILARIOUS JOKE about her, which proves that everything she says about anything is wrong.

Elizabeth Warren Literally Shreds Donald Trump, Sets Shreds Aflame, Stomps On Ashes

Elizabeth Warren literally destroys Donald Trump on Twitter, and defeats hyperbole forever!
You will be seduced.

Why Are They Letting Former Senator Scott Brown Say Dick About Elizabeth Warren?

UH OH is former Massachusetts Sen. Scott "Nakey Time" Brown having a sad? He got on the radio in Boston to accuse that lady who beat him, Sen. Elizabeth "Badass" Warren, of being a drunk-tweeter. No really, stop laughing,...

Harvard Law Professor Running For President (No, Not The One You Want)

So this some dude professor guy, his name is Larry, and he is running for U.S. President of America. You may be familiar with his previous political experience supporting a fake candidate for Senate in 2014, but, like, to make...
You will be seduced.

Scott Brown Wrote Country Sexxx Song About His Wife, To Play When They Have Country Sexxx

Attention, Wonkette Music Class, former Sen. Scott Brown (R-Daddy) has written a country song for his wife, and it IS NOT BAD! We know, you clicked on this thinking "oh THIS is going to be some shit," but it's,...
"Bro, bro! Do you even lift, bro?"

Scott Brown Elected Senator Of Pyramid Schemes

Ever since America's "sexy" senator got his bleached little butthole handed to him by Champion of the Proletariat Elizabethski Warrenovna, Scott Brown has had a bit of an identity crisis. With his teen modeling career in the toilet, and nobody...