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Why Are We Boycotting Starbucks Today?

Starbucks has committed to hiring refugees in its stores around the world. WHY DOES STARBUCKS HATE AMERICA?

Nice British Singer Lady Will Do Trump’s Inauguration, On One Hilarious Condition

She wants to sing this classic protest song about black people being lynched, would that be OK?

Your Weekly Top Ten Says Happy War On Christmas Eve!


Scott Baio Grabbed By Pussy

The mean wife of the Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer beated him up and maded him cry!

Money Makes the World Go Around! Wonkagenda for Friday, December 16, 2016

Obama's calling the cyber police, Trump's cabinet is full of cash, and Army brass is a little touchy-feely. Your morning news brief!

LOL, Kellyanne Conway Thinks Justin Timberlake Will Play At Trump’s Inauguration

Maybe they can get Scott Baio to sing instead. Did you know Scott Baio tried to have a singing career, because he did, and it is hilarious.

Hillary Clinton Must Answer For Disgraced Ex-Congressman Mark Foley’s Presence At Trump Rally

This is totally different from Omar Mateen's dad sitting behind Hillary Clinton. CLICK TO READ WHY.

Scott Baio Doesn’t Care If You Hate Him For Loving Trump, HE DOESN’T CARE, SHUT UP!!!

How many times can Scott Baio say he doesn't care in one interview? A WHOLE MANY TIMES.

These New Hillary Ads Will Warm The Cockles Of Your Trump-Hatin’ Heart

Poor pitiful Donald Trump. He has no idea how far out of his league he is right now.
Feed the baby the soups!

Ruby Tuesday SO Hot Right Now, Apparently! Your Weekly Top Ten

<a href="http://wonkette.com/599553/worlds-sexiest-north-american-leaders-break-entire-internet-with-sexiness"></a>Oh look, it is an old picture of Wonkette Baby Donna Rose eating soup, like a lady! Why are we showing you this old picture? Because it's cute, OBVIOUSLY, and also Wonkette WENT VIRAL AGAIN, just like we...

Scott Baio Spending Copious Free Time Yelling ‘Trump!’ At Poor Starbucks Baristas

Remember when Scott Baio was an asshole? No, the other time. No, the other other time. No, the other -- look, we're gonna be here all day at this rate. Point is, Scott Baio is being an asshole again,...
land of the free drink with order

Patriotic Foreign Tech Firm Won’t Bug Your iPhone Unless There’s Good Stuff On It

We spend a lot of time blasting our planet-melting, employee-hazing, and buzzword-creating Corporate People. But like Aerosmith songs, they're not all bad. Isn't it about time we gave out some gold stars? Expanded Access To Abortion Pill Somehow Punishing Poor...
I laugh at you idiots! So much!

Republican Senator So Sick Of Everyone Saying Obamacare’s Doing Just GREAT, Actually

It sure sucks having to hear about how President Obama's dumb health care reform is doing swell, actually, huh? It's covering more people than expected, it's cheaper than expected, it's saving the country more money than expected -- and...

A History Of Scott Baio, Newest Romney Donor, Not Being Racist

Some time in the distant sworls of misty time, Mitt Romney's newest backer (to the tune of 10,000 simoleons), Scott Baio, of Joanie Loves Chachi, sent out a "funny" tweeter of Michelle Obama, and he was all like...