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Fine, Mr. President, If You Insist, We’d Be OK With Australian-Style Healthcare Too

Let's make #AussieHealthcareNow a thing, shall we?

James O’Keefe Wannabes Get So Many Felonies! Just Like James O’Keefe! Wonkagenda For Wed., March 29, 2017

Hillary went out last night to kick ass and wear leather; red states are beefing up Medicaid expansion now the black guy's gone; and Trump's hands too tiny and weak to throw out a sportsball 'first pitch,' whatever that might be. Your morning news!
You call that an Iron Lady? THIS is an Iron Lady.

On Scale Of One To Margaret Thatcher, How Mean Is England’s New Lady Prime Minister?

Another reboot from the '80s happened this week, as Great Britain's ruling Conservative Party leadership fight appears to have been won by a lady! That is expected to make Theresa May, the current home secretary, Britain's first female prime minister since...

Splodey Heads Are Sploding All Over Your Weekly Top Ten

Let's count down the week's top stories and laugh at Sarah Palin at the same time!
In 20 years, nobody will remember this.

Donald Trump Really Really Really Needs Money. Might There Be An Illegal Way To Get Some?

Well OF COURSE the Donald Trump is sending campaign fundraising emails to members of foreign parliaments. Europe is a very classy place, and if you want classy illegal donations, you go to the classiest foreign people.

Fox News Dingbats Help Eric Trump Defend His Daddy’s Dumbass Brexit Comments

Can you believe the mean media made fun of Donald Trump for being on a golf course?

Donald Trump’s Triumphant Scotland Sojourn Everything He Could Have Hoped For, Hooray!

Unlike most leaders in positions of political influence throughout the world, Donald Trump doesn't use complicated excuses to travel overseas. He's a businessman, and every businessman knows they have to get down to business and run their businesses or...
Maybe we could give them axes instead

Police Group Suggests Maybe Police Could Try Being A Little Less Shooty, Please

A national law enforcement organization released an important report calling for police departments to rethink their training and policies on use of deadly force, with less emphasis on "Shoot/Don't Shoot" decisions and more training on ways to de-escalate situations...
We're pretty sure there's just not enough red dye for an entire iceberg.

‘Patriots’ Take Credit For Perfectly Routine Removal Of Chinese Flag, Save America From Communism!

Wonkette EXCLUSIVE must cite Wonkette!!! The Wingnuttosphere is full of excited stories about an absolute OUTRAGE that occurred last week, when the flag of COMMUNIST RED CHINA, our sworn enemy and trading partner, was flown in front of the...
And that's what Hearth's Warming Eve is all about, Zombie Brown

Derp Roundup: Zombie Baby Jesus Edition

It's a special Ho-Ho-Huh? Edition of Derp Roundup, the feature where we bring you the stories that don't quite deserve their very own posts, but are too stupid to ignore altogether. So light the candles and gather round the...
It's really quite simple. Or should be.

Rachel Maddow: Good For You, Washington State, You’re 50% Smarter Now (Video)

Rachel Maddow is delighted -- and so are we, because happy Rachel = Happy us -- that in the recent Scottish independence referendum, small but substantial numbers of ballots had to be thrown out because they had both "Yes"...
This child can't stand Maureen Dowd either

Sunday Bloody NYT Sunday: Special Maureen Dowd Gets Pot Lessons From Willie Nelson Edition

With no single national calamity to focus on this week, the Sunday New York Times brings us mélange of Big Journalism on Important Topics, the general drift of which leads us to wish we'd stayed in bed. For starters,...
By the look on your face I can tell you like the pipes, wee laddie

Plucky Haggis-Eating Highlanders Decide ‘There Can Be Only One!’

Scottish voters turned down a referendum on independence from Britain yesterday, leading bloggers everywhere to brace for a slew of angry emails about how they didn't use "England" or "United Kingdom" or "Great Sceptered Lizard Queen Realm Of God's...
Freedom, sugar tits!

John Oliver Brings You The Scottish Independence Story You Didn’t Know You Were Dying To See (Video)

John Oliver and Last Week Tonight have a real treat for us this week: the funniest reporting on this week's Scottish vote on whether to leave the United Kingdom. Yes, Scotland -- which Americans know as "the birthplace of Shrek and...

Donald Trump Acts Like Petulant Child To Surprise Of Absolutely No One

As if there were any doubt that Donald Trump is the world's richest cranky toddler, the useless sack of bile is now pursuing a vendetta against the distiller of Glenfiddich whiskey after the company sponsored a contest that honored...