As if there were any doubt that Donald Trump is the world’s richest cranky toddler, the useless sack of bile is now pursuing a vendetta against the distiller of Glenfiddich whiskey after the company sponsored a contest that honored an opponent of a golf resort that Trump plans to build in Scotland. Trump’s latest case […]

We’ve been bashing on Louisiana a lot lately — pointing out how they’re pretty much the awfulest state in the union, how their prison privatization plan is dumping more convicts into shopping centers prisons than any other state in the country, how their plan to send the state’s students to religious schools hit the predictable […]

A lot of politicians “run for office,” apparently, and to do this they need something called a “war chest,” which sounds ominous but is really just a bank account full of money from their supporters/overlords. Now, supposedly that money is meant for running for office only, and not for, say, plunking down $7,725 so you […]

NO! He does not. But the lady who leads the Scottish Conservatives might. Or at least that is what The Duke of Edinburgh implied, during a reception for Mr. Pope Benedict: According to Ms Goldie, the Duke made the remark after meeting Iain Gray, the Scottish Labour leader, who was wearing a tartan tie. He […]

David Cameron, Elizabeth Windsor’s chief boot-lick and First Lord of the Treasury, has arrived in the United States for his very first visit as master of Britain’s decaying empire (motto: “We still rule Bermuda and Pitcairn Island with an iron fist!”). He was sort of hoping that he could just get some quality time in […]

Whether he was clearing brush at his ranch or choking on a pretzel, George Bush was known to sport his silkiest ascot, his most posh plaid cummerbund. Say what you will, but the man was a snappy dresser. And Barack Obama? He prefers “Islamo-fascist business casual.” [Think Progress] This is a story about compassion, a […]

As the title of this feature tries so valiantly to assert, we don’t think that the Foreigns are really that different than from us. Sure, they jabber in weird languages and wear funny clothes, but when it comes right down to it, we all have the same basic set of human needs: we all want […]

BUSH  8:42 am February 27, 2006

Presidential Pratfall Watch

by Alex Pareene