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The world of Trump and Hannity is weird and gross and incestuous, ALLEGEDLY.

Trump Pardons Scooter Libby, Because LOLOL We Live In Hell And Nothing Matters Anymore?

Take THAT, James Comey and FBI and CIA and all the rest of America too!

James Comey Says Trump Is Stinky Pee-Obsessed Liar, So That’s Obviously FACTCHECK TRUE

We didn't think we were going to read this book, but now we think WE WILL!

New Bush-Cheney Postmortem Shows The Lighter Side Of Gross Incompetence And Corruption

Things are pretty bad now. Many liberals are angry, depressed, or both. We wasted our breath for years, saying "Hey rich folks, we know you don't love paying taxes, but these people you're manipulating with ridiculous lies in order...

Alberto Gonzales Offers Totally Hypothetical Example Of How To Investigate, Say, A Leaked CIA Agent’s Name

Well, this is ... this is ... we don't even ... FUCK! So, there is a bit of kerfuffle and a hullabaloo about the Department of Justice getting a very narrow slice of two months' worth of phone records from...

Long National Nightmare Over: Jailbird Scooter Libby’s Voting Rights Restored!

It was a dark day in America when Cheney henchman Scooter Libby got convicted and imprisoned by Barack Nobama's tyrannical army (and its Time Machine). A dark day indeed when you criminalize "politics," wherein "politics" is defined as "blowing...

Romney Advisor Guy Slamming Obama For ‘Leaks’ Was Same Dude Who Leaked On Valerie Plame

Mitt Romney really wants to be seen as a credible candidate on foreign policy, but finds himself in sort of the same bind that Barack Obama did in 2008: He hasn't actually done much in terms of foreign policy,...

Wrathful Dick Cheney Still Furious That Libby Wasn’t Pardoned

For many years, our former vice president used his Wiccan mind-control powers on George W. Bush to make him enter wars and such. But at some point in the latter part of his presidency, Bush decided that he was...

Who Will George Bush Pardon Today?

The clock is ticking! George Bush has just a few short hours to issue blanket retroactive/pre-emptive pardons for all of the criminal leather queens and torture fetishists in his administration. But what about the other crooks who would also...

Scott McClellan Tells Congress His Many Terrible Secrets!

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan testified in Congress today about his terrible book, What Happened When I Did Yo Mama, and told them that President Bush may have vaguely possibly ordered former chief of staff Andy Card...

Scooter Libby Disbarred From Life

Plamegate Closed!

I Know Who Killed Health Care