New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, repeat after us: Pay your hookers. Pay your hookers. PAY YOUR GODDAMN HOOKERS. Maybe you thought $100 was enough for working gals in the Dominican Republic. If that is so, you should have told them that UP FRONT instead of agreeing to $500 and then only forking over a lousy […]

News. What is it? No one knows. Total mystery. I’m a wire service reporter. I should have a good definition of it, but I do not. What will people click on and read and “like” on YouFace? That’s easy – celebrity nakedness, superficial political stories, unexpected quotes. And if you can combine all three, the […]

Prematurely dead Internet pioneer Andrew Breitbart was working on something major before he died, his unpleasant underlings told LA Weekly. Now there’s video from CPAC of Breitbart planning a video (terror) attack that will Bring Down the Obama Presidency! “I’ve got video, from his college days,” Breitbart crows to a rapt yet hooting crowd of […]

Barack Obama’s Arizona speech may have seemed like a way to “memorialize the victims” or “call for a new way for us all to treat each other” or “lead the country like a president does,” but really, of course, it was a way to deliver his huge, #1, “MUST CREDIT OBAMA!!!!” scoop: Gabrielle Giffords opened […]

Ha ha ha, don’t know how we missed this earlier in the week, but a thriller novelist named Brad Thor has been publishing major major national security Scoops at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government joke blog: “Late this afternoon Lt. Colonel Oliver North confirmed that Taliban leader and Osama bin Laden ally, Mullah Mohammed Omar has […]

SHOCKERS  1:58 pm August 4, 2008

Bill Kristol Has A Scoop!

by Jim Newell

HA, Bill Kristol‘s column is like seriously not bad today. Hooray! This is because he writes about actual political strategy and not about how Obama is Hitler at the War Dildo. And he has a scoop, from his friends who work for McCain. Oh neat a scoop.