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Oh, Hey, A Lot Of Private Charter Schools Are Just Dumping Grounds For Poor Students. Imagine That!

Here's a cool way to boost school achievement: Make the poorer students statistically disappear!

Democrats Throw Pajama Party To Bitch About How Much They Hate This Chick ‘Betsy DeVos’

How much does Betsy DeVos suck? The Democrats decided to spend 24 hours reminding everybody how much.

Obama Hates 22nd Amendment. Wonkagenda For Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Trump University keeps a door open for charity, Scott Walker cleans up climate change, and the student debt bubble gets bigger. Your daily news brief!
Your tax dollars at work

Team Of Evils: Education Nominee Betsy DeVos Hates Public Schools, Satan. Did We Get Lucky?

Yeah, this one's about as awful as you'd expect, too.
Your tax dollars at work

North Carolina Vouchers Throw Taxpayer Money At Jesus Schools, Like Founders Wanted

a href="http://wonkette.com/497377/heres-a-surprise-school-vouchers-help-spread-creationism"Time for another update on the wonderful world of "School Choice" -- taking taxpayer dollars from public schools and giving them to private schools, to help improve education all around. Or at least help people running religious...

Taxpayers Funding Creationism With Vouchers? The Deuce You Say!

In today's edition of Stuff What You Done Knew, Politico reports that taxpayer funds are going to pay for religious instruction in the form of creationist/intelligent design curricula in private schools, thanks to voucher programs. Nobody could have seen...

Peggy Noonan Is So Sad Government She’s Been Working Her Whole Career To Break Is Now Broken

A new week broke in New York, but for Peggy Noonan, the depression that had invaded her soul like a column of Norman knights landing at Waterford kept her sluggish and listless as she moped about her chastely appointed...

In North Carolina, Home Schools Can Get Taxpayers’ Hard-Earned Tax Dollars For Jesus

Here's a fun one for you separation of church and state folks (remember, "It's not in the Constitution!"): In North Carolina, the state's exciting new voucher plan pays public money to private schools, just like in Louisiana. Even better,...

Here’s A Surprise: School Vouchers Help Spread Creationism

Just in case anyone was worried that American schools were sinking into a morass of Creationism and Stupid (ah, but we repeat ourselves), the bad news is, well, they kind of are. But the good news is that there...

You Got Your Government In My God: The Year In Churchstate

Congratulations, U.S. America and such as! You have survived yet another calendar year without the establishment of a theocracy or the utter banishment of religious faith! It was a year in which the most momentous SCOTUS decision on church...

Louisiana Thinks Funding School Run By ‘Apostle And Prophet’ Is Somehow Constitutional

Louisiana's exciting experiment in public-school vouchers is steaming forward, providing parents and children with educational excellence and traditional values, hooray! But that's not all! It's also an excellent lesson in how the free market can improve education, by taking...

Things You Can Learn In A Christian High School Textbook, For Real (Part I)

As we all know by now, Louisiana is experimenting with freeing their children from the tyranny of the Government Schools, and will soon, maybe, start spending public school funds on vouchers for kids to attend any private school their...

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