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In today’s edition of Stuff What You Done Knew, Politico reports that taxpayer funds are going to pay for religious instruction in the form of creationist/intelligent design curricula in private schools, thanks to voucher programs. Nobody could have seen THAT coming, with maybe the exception of everybody. And with more and more states looking forward […]

A new week broke in New York, but for Peggy Noonan, the depression that had invaded her soul like a column of Norman knights landing at Waterford kept her sluggish and listless as she moped about her chastely appointed apartment safe above the teeming hordes of Manhattan. Perhaps it was the long and brutal winter […]

Here’s a fun one for you separation of church and state folks (remember, “It’s not in the Constitution!”): In North Carolina, the state’s exciting new voucher plan pays public money to private schools, just like in Louisiana. Even better, because the state regulates “private schools” so loosely, a chunk of that voucher money, at $4200 […]

Just in case anyone was worried that American schools were sinking into a morass of Creationism and Stupid (ah, but we repeat ourselves), the bad news is, well, they kind of are. But the good news is that there are some pretty awesome young people who refuse to sit back and let it happen, like […]

Congratulations, U.S. America and such as! You have survived yet another calendar year without the establishment of a theocracy or the utter banishment of religious faith! It was a year in which the most momentous SCOTUS decision on church and state was a fairly narrow (and stupid) ruling that allows churches to ignore fair employment […]

Louisiana’s exciting experiment in public-school vouchers is steaming forward, providing parents and children with educational excellence and traditional values, hooray! But that’s not all! It’s also an excellent lesson in how the free market can improve education, by taking taxpayer funds from the wasteful public schools and handing it to efficient private schools run by […]

As we all know by now, Louisiana is experimenting with freeing their children from the tyranny of the Government Schools, and will soon, maybe, start spending public school funds on vouchers for kids to attend any private school their parents want (unless it’s an Islammy school, of course). And as we also all know, this […]

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