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Buffalo School Board Tells Old Racist Carl Paladino To Resign Or Face Strongly Worded Reprimand

Horrible old bigot faces the ultimate slap on the wrist.
There. Much better without that nonsense

Angry Tennessee Mom Demands Immediate Removal Of Muslims From World History

Tennessee parents are freaking out over 'Islamic indoctrination' in textbooks again. And al-Gebra is determined to strike again.

Deleted Comments: Our Libraries Are Full Of Pedophiles And Our Schools Full Of Jews!

Our weekly visit to the deleted comments archive brings us a fine rant about the importance of never criticizing books that haven't been published yet.
She seems nice

Texas Sheriff Lady Fights Tyranny By Intimidatin’ Gross Democrat And Latino Voters

If you'd like a vision of the Constitutional Paradise espoused by militia loons and rightwing super patriots like Richard Mack, founder of the "Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association" (CSPOA), which insists that county sheriffs are the highest law...
And to think, he seemed so stable.

Shooty Screamy Former Police Chief In Hoosegow For Simple Lady-Threatening Misunderstanding

Mark Kessler, the former police chief of Gilberton, Pennsylvania, and one of Yr Wonkette's favorite wingnut gun fondlers, has ended up pretty much where we thought he might when he first came to our attention back in 2013. (Then...

Kansas Teacher Does The Gay Agenda To Kids, Refuses To Resign In Shame

Welcome to Kansas, where the deer and the antelope play, the cows had voting rights before the women, and you're not supposed to be nice to the homosexuals. So there's a middle school social studies teacher in Conway Springs, Kansas,...
Thanks General Washington! Now we can mention your slaves again!

Colorado Voters Murder Founding Fathers, For The Kids

A small victory for reality-based education in Colorado Tuesday, yay! Voters in the state's second-largest school district recalled three conservative school board members who last year tried to require Advanced Placement U.S. History classes to teach students how to...
Haha bros, sorry you dressed up as a gay stereotype and stuff.

Clever Gay-Hating Bigot Children Hang Nooses, Offer To Lynch Gay Kids. For Jesus.

Students at McGuffey High School in Claysville, Pennsylvania -- not far from Pittsburgh, but far enough away that they are in the "Alabama" section of the state -- have had it with having to live in a world where...
Hey, Kids, you won one! Now get back to studying!

Colorado District Decides It’s OK With Real History After All, Keeps AP Classes

Finally some Nice Time from the War On Advanced Placement U.S. History! The Jefferson County school board in Colorado has decided to cancel its plans to review the APUSH framework, apparently deciding that it didn't want to be in...
Your tax dollars at work

California School Board Must Read Bible At Meetings Or The Terrorists Win

The school board of Chino, California, is being sued by the mean old Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) just because it likes to open its meetings with a few prayers to Jesus. Plus some proselytizing during board meetings, and,...
This never ends well

Non-Racist Texas School Board Member Posted SO MUCH KKK Stuff Online

We suppose this counts as good news, at least in the end. Chris Harris, a member of the Hooks Independent School Board in Texas, has resigned after posting multiple racist images and messages to Facebook last week. He later explained that he...
Grab yer razor blades and white-out!

Arizona Voters Abort Biology-Textbook-Censoring School Board

So here's one more bit of Election Nice Time: turns out that even in hyper-conservative Gilbert, Arizona, a bedroom community to the Phoenix metro horrorplex, it is in fact possible for a conservative school board to go to far....
Hey, Kids, you won one! Now get back to studying!

Fox’s Gretchen Carlson Tells Protesting Colorado Punks To Love It Or Leave It

Fox News lady Gretchen Carlson has just about had it with these radical extremist Denver-area high school students and their unruly protests over proposed changes to the history curriculum. The walkouts have continued all week, and have spread to additional schools....
Thanks General Washington! Now we can mention your slaves again!

Colorado Students Ditch Class, Refuse To Love America

Students at several Denver-area high schools walked out of classes Monday and Tuesday to protest a proposal by conservative school board members to make the district's Advanced Placement U.S. History classes more patriotic and America-loving. The board, sharing widespread...

Wingnut School Board President Uses Graduation Speech To Audition For AM Radio Show

You know what would be a nice change from the usual high school commencement speech? A speech that really lets the graduates know the challenges they'll face in the adult world, that motivates them to be the change they...