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Hey, Science fans! Now that you’ve had a couple days to enjoy that little sigh of relief over that fired Ohio creationist “science” teacher who won’t be reinstated, here’s a new thing to worry about: After another round of State Board of Education textbook hearings in Texas, there’s some good news — looks like biology […]

Remember how we all were gay for Daniel Hernandez, the awesomest intern in history, who saved Gabby Giffords’s life by applying pressure to her gunshot wounds, keeping her from bleeding out? And how proud we were of his humility and basic decency? Hernandez, who was a student at the University of Arizona at the time, […]

Jack Wu, an actual candidate for Kansas’s state school board, pledges on his very impressive homemade website to do something about the most serious problem facing the schools today: The current public educational system in Kansas and the United States is preparing its students to be liars, crooks, thieves, murderers, and perverts. And how will […]