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OMG you guys, Mitt Romney has a Flickr account. It is incredible. Here’s one of the very first pictures that “caught our eye,” oh lord. Mitt Romney, everyone! He has a Flickr, just like that Barack Obama did, back in 2008.

Do you have a “pretend sex addiction”? Or, if you’re lucky enough to occasionally be around people who drunkenly agree to have sex with you, do you lack interest in “real sex” because of the hot Internet trend of becoming physically numb/impotent when trying to make sexytime with an actual warm human body because of […]

Wonkette operative “Kris” wants you to have nightmares forever and ever, until you jump out of your (first floor) window and, uh, sprain your ankle. So she flipped over our gross picture of Sarah Palin’s tattooed-on lipstick, and, well …. Enjoy it!

MY RIDE'S HERE  10:41 pm January 14, 2009

Barack Obama’s Monster Limo

by Ken Layne

America, meet your new presidential limousine, this scary-ass legoland 100-foot-long bumper boat. It is a General Motors Cadillac!

Whoa, jesus, New York Times, what are you people trying to say here, with this terrifying photograph of Barack Obama shaking his head with dignity as the world burns? Did McCain get the nuke suitcase? Oh noes! [New York Times via Wonkette commenter The NeoSkeptic]

After a busy two weeks of Palin family covers and about six months of Obama family covers, the trashy supermarket magazines need something new, yet still kind of political, because maybe that’s what America is sort of half-interested in, for the moment. Let’s see, are there any other charming political families to put on the […]

Jill Greenberg is that photographer who takes pictures of monkeys and crying babies all the time, which was why she seemed like a natural fit for John McCain’s Atlantic cover. But it turns out she is a big fat libtard, so she tricked John McCain into various unflattering positions during his photo shoot — including […]

Here’s everybody’s favorite Democrat, Vinegar Joe Lieberman, talking in that repulsive slimeball Holy Joe voice about the “advice” he gave Barack Obama, even though Obama is black. [YouTube]