Perhaps you all haven’t noticed, but it turns out that we, the people, elected a Black president! Not once, but TWICE! This, of course, is unacceptable and can never. happen. again. Did we mention that it is a great time to revisit the constitutionality of the Voting Rights Act, which is just a coincidence and […]

When you think Antonin Scalia, you think squishy liberal, right? Who doesn’t? He of the Throw Everyone Out Of The US But Whitey Decision and the distressingly narrow view of the 14th Amendment — he is our go-to guy for feel-good law! That’s why, according to Larry Pratt, prez of the Gun Owners of America […]

Justice Antonin Scalia wants everyone to just keep their panties on, everyone, because “We can disagree with one another on the law without taking it personally.” Totally! So when he says that laws forbidding abortion, the death penalty and buttseks are clearly constitutional, don’t take it personally, gays and criminals and pregnant ladies. After all, […]

No, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, DO NOT go hunting with Antonin Scalia. Do not get dressed up in your camouflage hunting gear. Do not pick up a weapon. Do not get in the van. “He’s made a huntress out of me,” Kagan told Mike Gousha, host of “On the Issues” at Marquette’s law school […]

Why did your Wonkette attend the National Italian American Foundation’s 35th Pasta Gala last Saturday? Honestly, all we wanted was a photograph of Yogi Berra that we could give to our grandparents. Did Yogi Berra even show up, though? Of course not, so we had to hang out with Scalia and his saggy neck fat […]

New stimulus money is maybe on the way! This time they are calling it “an extension of the first stimulus package” and it does not care for nicknames. [New York Times] The U.S. gave Pakistan $1.5 billion/year, for the next five years, simply to stop doing a thing: namely, supporting terrorism. [New York Times] Obama’s […]