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In today’s latest example of why primary elections mean that we can’t have nice things, Georgia Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Waffle House) has decided that he is NOT losing his chance at Saxby Chambliss’s Senate seat just because he once said that there might be a way for research to guide public policy as it relates […]

So we want to applaud folks like Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) who are fighting the good fight to stop all the sexual assaulting in our military. What’s the big deal, though? Can chicks just not handle a little afternoon raping? Don’t they know that boys will be boys, and that boobs wouldn’t be groped if […]

In a desperate bid to be remembered for something even stupider than yelling “You lie!” about a factual statement in a presidential address, Joe Wilson used his time at Wednesday’s House hearings on whether to blow stuff up in Syria to ask, now wait one darn minute here, why are we even talking about this when […]

Over the weekend, various security officials and congresscritters were forced to go on the morning yap shows or talk to the press about the secret data collection programs exposed by the Guardian over the weekend. Some of them took this opportunity to explain why they were glad, GLAD, that we are finally having a national […]

Do you cower in fear at the beginning of every April, with that fear intensifying until the middle of the month, when you have a nervous breakdown and open that Y2K bunker you stupidly built but now only use once a year? Because as we all know, the middle of the April is when the […]

Holy fucking shitbags, GOP, are you even trying to compete for the womyn vote anymore? If you are, you are doing a fantastically terrible job and it, and all libruls should just hope you continue talking right up to election day, because you are seriously going above and beyond the call of duty. The Senate […]

Speaking of the resurrection of hateful twats, did you guys hear that Bob Barr wants to return to Congress? America had a very close call last year with the state of Georgia, when human-shaped fluffernutter Newt Gingrich came within a couple of thousand delegates of being the GOP’s nominee for president instead of whatshisname, the […]

Republican senator and Vietnam-deferring uber-patriot Saxby Chambliss doesn’t care how many of his fellow Republicans, like Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, come out of the closet to support equal rights. Saxby isn’t going to change his mind, because he is NOT gay. Repeat: He is NOT gay. When asked if his views had changed on gay […]

The wait is over! After weeks of breathless anticipation (and one titillating Twitter rumor), Georgia Rep. Paul Broun has announced he is running for United States Senate, after an illustrious, storied career in the House that has lasted all of five years, and a chunk of a sixth. While everybody else is focusing on which […]

One of the easily digestible Nuggets O’ Conventional Wisdom to come out of the 2012 elections is that while Tea Party purists whose conservative purity glowed with white-hot rage often managed to win GOP primaries, that very ideological intensity was just as likely to turn off voters in the general election. Needless to say, since […]

Considering the Obama administration has made it clear they have not and will not release any photos of Osama bin Laden’s corpse, most people would realize the fakes floating around the Internet, which are not even Photoshopped all that well, are not real. Republican Senators Saxby Chambliss, Kelly Ayotte, and Scott Brown, however, saw these […]

In all the revelry over yesterday’s successful filibuster against overturning Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, somebody in Saxby Chambliss’ Atlanta office was on the gay politics blog Joe.My.God. and came up with a unique solution to the question of gays serving in the military: “All Faggots must die.” This person, calling himself “Jimmy,” posted this brilliant […]

This article is basically great. Because naked penis/vag shower run-ins, it seems, are the norm! More normal than apple pie or baseball or Cleveland Steamers: “The private gyms are sanctuaries where lawmakers can huff, puff and disrobe knowing that only fellow members will see them.” Giggle!

Georgia slaveowner Sen. Saxby Chambliss recently participated in this thing from National Geographic, which “invited all 100 U.S. Senators to draw a map of their home state from memory and to label at least three important places.” Most of the participating Senators sketched their states admirably. Chambliss, meanwhile, drew Mississippi, but with more saw teeth […]

Ha ha, Jim Martin lost like a little gay baby, and now we know why Obama never campaigned in the state for him: his two-time Senate election losingness in the same election. “With 90 percent of the state’s precincts reporting in Tuesday’s runoff election, Mr. Chambliss had 59 percent of the vote, and his Democratic […]