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Somebody Replaced Matt Drudge’s Heartworm Medication With Speed

All our thoughts 'n' prayers to Matt Drudge!
The eyes seem to follow your wallet around the room

How Can Hillary Clinton Defend Her Foundation When It Hasn’t Bought Any Snazzy Art?

You want to compare foundations, Donald? Let's compare foundations.
"Liberty's too precious a thing to be buried in books, Miss Saunders."

Wonkagenda: September 30, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!
"This is going to cost someone $5 million one day, Barry."

Wonkagenda: Thursday, September 29, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!
Oh, there's good stuff in here.

Wonkagenda: Thursday, September 22, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!
Ajamu Baraka and Jill Stein

Jill Stein Didn’t Want You Dumb Old Bernie Voters Anyway

Bernie-or-Bust hardliners may find themselves getting a cool reception from the Jill Stein campaign, since Stein's VP pick considers Bernie just another war-criming imperialist.

Why Can’t Man-Baby Donald Trump Use Nuclear Weapons, WHY WHY WHY??? A Wonksplainer

Trump reportedly asked a foreign policy expert THREE TIMES IN ONE HOUR why he's not allowed to nuke everything. THREE TIMES.
Go nuts

Here Are Your Missing 28 Pages Of The 9/11 Report, Truthers, You’re Welcome To Them

Are you a person who can do the critical thinking? Do you prefer evidence to supposition when forming conclusions? Well, then, congratulations to you, smarty-pants, YOU do not have to read the 28 pages held back from the 9/11...
that is a tasty lawsuit

McDonald’s Determines Blind Man Does Not Deserve Fries With That

Remember that time the old lady spilled McDonald's insanely hot coffee in her lap and was awarded a multi-million dollar judgment? Then everyone freaked the hell out because who cares if the coffee was as hot as a thousand...
Maybe not that bright a guy. It's possible.

Pathetic Loser ‘Reporters’ Ask Donald Trump Questions, Expect Answers. Sad!

Some really weird stuff out in media land the last few days: Suddenly, several people interviewing Donald Trump have actually taken the time to interrupt his stream-of-gibberish talking points and say, Hey, Donald? You are saying words, but they...

Cops Disappoint Fox News Morons, Still Refuse To Call San Bernardino Shootings ‘Terrorism’

The Fox News Couch of Knicker-Jizzing Hysteria was in full effect Thursday morning. Andrea Tantaros, Meghan McCain, and whatever the other ones' names are yapped at each other, because the latest press conference on the San Bernardino shootings was...
San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan, i.e. the man with the information.

Here’s What We Know About San Bernardino Mass Shooting. The Rest Is Just Noise.

Fourteen people were murdered, and another 17 shot and injured, during a mass shooting on Wednesday, at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, a large facility that serves the developmentally disabled. It was the second mass shooting in...

Ben Carson: If Only We’d Drilled Baby Drilled, We Coulda Caught Osama Bin Laden

World-renowned neurosurgeon Ben Carson is still hitting the anaesthetics and rewriting history, and hoo boy, his latest installment is a real gas. On Sunday, Carson tried to explain to George Stephanopoulos comments he made during a Republican debate about how he...
What we feel like when we click on a Huckabee story. We would have used a picture of a Syrian child, but Wonk readers already have compassion and it's not like that would change Huckabee's heart.

Mike Huckabee Is An Evil, Soulless Sack Of Fermented Rat Jizz, Syrian Refugee Edition

Here are some very recent headlines, about the horrible, heartbreaking refugee crisis enfolding in Syria: Dozens of refugees including babies, children drown as boat capsizes off Greece Heartbreaking Photos Show Refugees' Desperate Attempt To Save Drowning Children Off Coast Of Greece These...
Sadly, no longer available for sale

Oh Look, Not-Joe The Not-Plumber Hasn’t Vanished Up His Own A**hole Yet

Remember that "Joe" the "Plumber" guy who was briefly a rightwing hero because, like Chauncey Gardiner, he was a simple man who spoke simple truths (Obama's a SOCIALIST and TAXES WILL CRUSH MY DREAMS)? Turns out that once you...
Up to no good, maybe or maybe not

Is Hillary Clinton World’s Evilest Arms Dealer Ever? Maybe!

At last, a Hillary Clinton ZOMGgate story that might actually be a thing! (Or might not. You never know with those wily Clintons, which is why it's generally best to assume guilty until proven otherwise.) According to an exhaustive...