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It’s a day ending in -y, so you better bet Glenn Beck is out there whipping people into a frenzy over completely made-up shit. Seriously, what is it like to be that paranoid all the time? It must be weird to live with the constant certainty that every mundane occurrence is actually the government generally […]

Despite steadfastly declaring a year ago that if people nominated Mitt Romney to be president, “we’ll lose,” fervent Mitt Romney supporter and reluctant believer in math Ann Coulter has now decided that in order for loser Mitt to lose slightly less appallingly, his supporters and the undecided tens of millions on the right must “go […]

President Obama has written a children’s book, apparently, and it will be released November 16. It’s called Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters, because when you are president, you cannot just simply write your daughters a letter and hand it to them, you have to send it to a publisher and have […]

What we really need is for someone to break down the cost of things Sasha Obama wears and where to get them, because she is nine years old. Thankfully, we have The Daily Beast. “The affordability of Sasha’s clothes, according to Mary Tomer, ‘makes Mrs. Obama and Sasha Obama all the more relatable.’ She says […]

Oh, America, your president turned 49 today! Birthdays are the most important part of our culture, and nothing is going on right now in politics, so of course Obama’s “big day” (ugh) is a big deal. CNN decided to mark the occasion by commissioning a cute poll that asked Americans how certain they are that […]

Boy howdy, the whole gang went out to rich Chevy Chase, Maryland, to watch a Sasha Obama/”Maisy Biden” (alleged grandaughter) basketball game, jus’ like normal folks. But then a Space Monster came out and ate all the children! “Fucker’s at least 600, 700 pounds,” Joe Biden said. “Is anyone paying attention to me? JESUS…” [White […]

Because there is no news this August except for the news about the moral and physical decline of America due to Death Panel rationing, an increasingly bored press corps turns to the Obama family for succor. “Enh, there’s this bit about Michelle and her shorts,” they say to each other, and that’s good for a […]

Ha ha ha, everyone gets a good laugh when newspaper design people make weird placement choices. Look at the Washington Times here: its website shows a photo of the Obama kids — probably the click-thru is a story about how cute they are! — right above a different article about Chicago children being murdered all […]

Oh this is a necessary post. You all do want to see the Obamas meeting our colonial Queen at her Buckingham Palace, don’t you? Because they do just that. Check out the Queen, still hangin’ in there. She could stand on top of both Malia and Sasha Obama and still be shorter than either of […]

THE ETHICIST  3:37 pm January 30, 2009

by Ken Layne

WONKETTE’S ETHICAL RULES RE: COVERING MALIA & SASHA: “If they go all Jenna on D.C. in a few years,” Layne added, “they are fair game.” [Broadcasting & Cable]

Oh, you want a dog? Here is a dog for you, straight from the fires of HELL. You can dress it up in a sweater and some lipstick, and it will look exactly like Liz Taylor. This is a Peruvian Hairless dog, ancient pet of the Incas. It is prone to acne and blackheads. Some […]

Ah, here it is, gamesetmatch for McCain — Obama’s been caught kidnapping/fathering black children in French Hawaii! We knew something was up with this slimeball. If you want to see more spy photos from this man’s private vacation, the Huffington Post has a nice collection. What a family! When we look at this picture, all […]

Yesterday Wonkette brought you the EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE SEEN NOWHERE ELSE of Barack Obama’s 10- and 7-year-old daughters, Misha and Selma or whatever, being interviewed by some pretty Access Hollywood gal. This was a first, as Obama usually likes to hide his children in underground caves to shield them from THE SPINELESS INTERNET. Naturally, everyone made […]