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Senate Voting On Letting Severely Mentally Ill Folks Buy Guns, For That Well-Regulated Militia

Did anyone actually run on the 'more guns for the severely mentally ill' ticket?

CBS Anchor Conducts The Thorough ‘Pizzagate’ Investigation No One Asked For

Remember how we'd laugh and laugh at the Weekly World News as we waited in line at the supermarket? That is our real news now.

Uh Oh, Looks Like Tom Arnold Is Ready To Screw Donald Trump Sideways!

Tom Arnold spent Christmas tweeting about what he knows about Donald Trump, and BOY HOWDY.

Deleted Comments: ‘Merry Christmas,’ You Pathetic Losers!

Russian hacking is too ridiculous to believe, but 'Pizzagate' is a totally realistic scenario.

Hillary Clinton Like ‘LOL Pretty Sure Donald Trump Is The Real Racist’

Hillary's speech on the 'alt-right' and Donald Trump's racism was VERY GOOD.

Why Did The Democrats Have To Make Everyone Hate Guns And Be So Sad?

The Democrats made everyone in Philly have a big, old, sad. Now we need to turn that sadness into action.

Noted Gun Fondler Will Stop Mass Shootings At Bars By Stiffly Regulating … No, Not Guns, Silly!

Maybe if bars didn't have to serve all that devil booze, nobody would get murdered at them!

Sandy Hook Parents Murdering Poor Gunmaker, With The Law

So it has been over three years since Adam Lanza shot 20 students and 6 staff at Sandy Hook Elementary, a thing so grim that we can't even make a joke about it, which is saying something. If there...
Of course, in the REAL Old West, lawmen often confiscated your guns while you were in town

NRA Goon Challenges Obama To Friendly Shooting Match About Guns

A week after pussing out on the chance to show up at CNN's "town hall" discussion of guns, where President Obama cruelly taunted them for bravely running away, the National Rifle Associated has issued its own challenge to debate...

The Snake Oil Bulletin: Treat Your Deadly Allergic Reactions The Natural Way!

Welcome back, you clinking clanking clattering collections of caliginous junk! It's time once more for the Snake Oil Bulletin! We had a long break over the holidays, which was perfect for refilling our woo tanks with all the latest...

President Obama Cries Like A Drunk Ex-Speaker Over Dead Kids, What A Pussy

It's National Gun-Grabbin' Day, with President Obama finally -- finally! -- delivering the tyranny we've all been waiting for. During his speech at the White House (so typical of him, acting like he's got a right to sully the White House with...

The Vilest Moments Of The GOP Las Vegas Debate, As Chosen By Wonkette, Which Knows From ‘Vile’

Now that we've had almost a full day to take our Dramamine, and maybe some knockout-drops, we are ready to look back at the main GOP debate in Las Vegas and determine: who, among the Trumps and not-Trumps, managed...

For Third Anniversary Of Newtown Child Murders, Give Classy ‘Christian Carry’ Pin To Someone You Love

It's been three years since Sandy Hook, and 554 American children have been killed by guns since then. That works out to an average of one child sacrificed every other day on the altar of the Holy Second Amendment....