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  They're probably just saying they were raped to make a political statement

Tennessee Lady Rep Not Buying Your ‘Rape And Incest’ Story, Harlot

Sheila Butt, Republican state representative of Tennessee, is very misunderstood. In February, she was very upset because she just didn’t understand why people would think that her call for a National Association For The Advancement of White People could be misconstrued as RACIST. Now she will likely be very misunderstood again, simply for saying that we shouldn’t have rape and incest exceptions in abortion laws, because bitches be lying. Read more on Tennessee Lady Rep Not Buying Your ‘Rape And Incest’ Story, Harlot…
  The third rail of comedy

Wingnuts Find The One Thing That’s Not Funny, And It Is Mitt Romney

We are all sad today
In the rightwing world, there are a lot of things that are HI-larious and worthy of mockery. Encouraging kids to carve a coal plant in their pumpkins to really stick it to these tree-huggers at the Department of Energy? Funny! Calling a lady jet fighter “boobs on the ground”? Even funnier! Asking if Sandra Fluke is engaged to a man because something something slutty lesbian something? Classic comedy! Calling Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis “Abortion Barbie”? Highbrow humor. (Because she is a blonde lady, just like Barbie, and she cares about abortion rights. Get it? It’s pretty sophisticated.) Suggesting Putin should be our new president since that pansy-ass tyrant Obama is such a pansy-ass tyrant? Hardy har har. Oh wait, they were serious about that one. Read more on Wingnuts Find The One Thing That’s Not Funny, And It Is Mitt Romney…
  the commentczar's in town

Deleted Comments Of The Day: You Guys Aren’t Funny. Check Out Some Funny Conservative Satire

And how long have you had these feelings of persecution?
Time for more sludge from our comments queue, and we’ll have you know it was no easy task hosing off our keyboard after this visit. First up, a note from “NasalVacuum,” who we assume must be former Florida Rep. Trey Radel. NasalVacuum was not impressed with our little mommyblog, recipe trading post, and clopfic nexus; and was particularly disappointed by our story last week about the clinical psychologist who’s obsessed with Sandra Fluke’s totalitarian vagina. Problem is, it just wasn’t FUNNY. Here is NasalVacuum’s objective assessment: Yikes! This is what passes for writing on Wonkette? Just awful. The writer might want to look at the Daily Rash and learn a few things about satire and humor. This tripe was painful to read and I didn’t even get to the end without screaming. But I’m a nice person so here’s a link to real satire and I wish you the best. No, really. The email closed with a link to hilarious conservative fake-news site The Daily Rash, whose top story right now is (hope you’re sitting down) this bit of inspired whimsy: “Al Qaeda Jihad Magazine ‘Inspire’ Publishes Its First Swimsuit Issue.” Get it? It’s funny, ’cause radical Muslims make ladies wear burqas! Read more on Deleted Comments Of The Day: You Guys Aren’t Funny. Check Out Some Funny Conservative Satire…
  doctor heal thyself

Area Woman Still Can’t Stop Thinking About Sandra Fluke’s ‘Totalitarian’ Vagina

You probably remember Sandra Fluke. She’s the nice young lady who testified to Congress about how birth control is sometimes used by people to regulate their polycystic ovary syndrome or whatever, and so Rush Limbaugh went fucking nuts, calling her a slut (for a week) and saying if he was going to pay for her birth control (we guess Rush Limbaugh does not really understand how insurance works?), she had a duty to produce a spank tape for him. It was not Rush Limbaugh’s finest hour. Well, now there is a lady, and she is a licensed clinical psychologist, although — oddly! — her website does not list any of her training or her schooling or her specialties except that she will psychologize your kids, which you should probably hop on, and can testify about forensic clinical psychologist stuff in four states, and those four states really might want to look into that, because this lady, well, she is a treat! She thinks Gloria Steinem is making Illuminati hand signs everywhere, and that Nancy Pelosi is here to murder all the grandbabies (that one is just obvious), and oh, so many thoughts about Sandra Fluke’s “All-American, Totalitarian” vagina. Still. Read more on Area Woman Still Can’t Stop Thinking About Sandra Fluke’s ‘Totalitarian’ Vagina…
  wonkette world o' books

A Review Of The Free Amazon Preview Of Katie Pavlich’s New ‘Book’

Today is D-Day for one of the most anticipated events of the year around yr Wonkette’s newsroom, for it marks the release of Katie Pavlich’s book-like substance, Assault and Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women.We’re so excited! Not excited enough to actually spend $25 on the goddamn thing and help Katie’s book-like-substance sales, or make the trek to the library, or download a copy to our Kindle. Then we might find ourselves feeling obligated to read the entire thing and risk falling into an abyss of self-loathing and despair over our career choices. But we can read the free preview on Amazon and review that, which is about as much attention as this thing deserves. We know we’re in for some good reading just looking at the list of chapter titles: Lynching the GOP; Barack Obama: The Most Anti-Woman President Ever (this is the same Barack Obama who signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and put coverage of contraceptives for women in his massive health-insurance reform bill, right?); The NRA: America’s Real Pro-Women’s Group… Good thing we’re not reading the book, because the material could not possibly be funnier than these titles. Katie, you’ve already peaked! But let’s read the rest of this free preview anyway. Read more on A Review Of The Free Amazon Preview Of Katie Pavlich’s New ‘Book’…
  campaignus interruptus

Sandra Fluke Pulls Out

Well, that might have been the fastest congressional candidacy in the West. A day (? yeah, probably a day) after filing for the Democratic Party’s endorsement to succeed Henry Waxman in his West LA seat, Sandra Fluke is all like nah mang, gonna run for state Senate instead because I just remembered that I am 32 years old and Wendy Greuel, former Los Angeles Controller and almost-mayor, already has a machine and donors and supporters and a vagina. But she is also all like nah mang it is not because Wendy Greuel already has all of those things, it is because I can get more done for Activism in the state Senate than in Congress. And considering that we in California are currently basking in the fuck yeah that is a Dem supermajority in the Lege coupled with a grizzled old Dem governor, Sandra Fluke is probably right! What kind of shit could she get through the state Senate and to the governor’s desk, “should” she win her race? Let’s sexplore. Read more on Sandra Fluke Pulls Out…
  nice time!

Sandra Fluke To Slut Up Your Congress. Be Careful Out There, Congressmen.

Hey ladies. How you doing? With your uncontrolled libidos, we bet you are slutting it up all over the place, so thank the Spirit in the Sky that you can get free government slut pills so you can be as slutty as you wanna be! But maybe you whoring whoremonsters need some representation at the highest level of government, to make sure that your silly little “rights” are protected from Neanderthals who view modern women as ‘sluts’ and ‘prostitutes.’ Where, oh where, will we find a heroine who will be able to articulate the need for women’s equal access to healthcare, perhaps one who has already faced about as much criticism from the batshit crazy right as would be possible? Well, wonkeroos, open your legs wallets for Sandra Fluke, who has officially filed to run for Congress in California!  Read more on Sandra Fluke To Slut Up Your Congress. Be Careful Out There, Congressmen….
  so's your face

The Instapundit Would Like All You Ladies To Know Just How Very Much Democrats Hate You

Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds, last seen in these pages mansplaining to Gabby Giffords that she should sit down and shut up and not worry her pretty little ventilated head about all those guns someone might use to shoot someone else in the brain, would like all the wimmenz to know that it is the Democrats what are making not love but war on you all the time: If you look past words to actual deeds, most of the action in the war on women seems to be coming from the Democratic front lately. Sure, if by lately you mean “last week.” The week before that (and before that, and before that) it was coming from Republicans in Texas and North Carolina and Wisconsin and Indiana and North Dakota. And on a daily basis in our Twitter feed it comes much more from conservatives complaining about horrors such as how they think they are being forced to pay for slut pills so women can have sexytimes without getting knocked up, and also for a whole host of other very unsexy health issues that conservatives never want to acknowledge doctors will often prescribe slut pills for. And it is not liberals that are constantly trying to run Planned Parenthood out of business by flat-out lying about the organization’s activities in order to remove a source of help for family planning and women’s health issues from our nation’s (usually much poorer) communities. Read more on The Instapundit Would Like All You Ladies To Know Just How Very Much Democrats Hate You…

Zombie Breitbart Now, Somehow, Perturbed By The Word “Slut”

Let us all pause for a moment and listen closely, so as not to miss the quiet but familiar noise of another political argument going over Dana Loesch’s head. Loesch, Breitbart.com’s leader in the War On The War On Women, has (surprise!) a bone to pick with you, Feminidiots. She heard some of you at the DNC were selling “SLUTS VOTE” buttons to reference to when Rush Limbaugh went all crazy on Sandra Fluke and called her all those names, and she would like you to know that WHOA GUYS, THAT IS NOT COOL. Read more on Zombie Breitbart Now, Somehow, Perturbed By The Word “Slut”…
  war on engagements

Sandra Fluke Engagement Leads To Even More Hilarious Jokes

To a man?”Sandra Fluke Announces Engagement” — Monica Crowley (@MonicaCrowley) April 26, 2012 Did you hear that free sex-pill devourer Sandra Fluke is getting engaged? Whatever. But here’s Fox News/Washington Times mistake Monica Crowley making history’s funniest joke, ever. “To a man?” Ha ha ha ha! OH, YOU. (“To a man?”, she tweets.) Read more on Sandra Fluke Engagement Leads To Even More Hilarious Jokes…
  today in online journalism

THE VETTING Of Sandra Fluke: Her Boyfriend’s Father Is Some Kinda Super Jew

Renegade wingnuts are digging up all the non-dirt on radical feminist monster Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law Student whom Rush Limbaugh labeled a “slut,” a “prostitute,” and 100,000 other acceptable polite 21st century terms for days on end until the advertiser $$$ started drying up. Who is the REAL Sandra Fluke, reader? Is she really just a Georgetown 3L with an expertise in women’s health law who’s trying to make her case for mandatory employer insurance coverage of contraceptives with poise and professionalism? Or is she an rich jet-setting trillionaire Marxist Communist radical provocatrix with a rich Jew boyfriend from a super-communist ancient Jew family of Jews intent on being Jewish all the time? Some idiot bloggers are on the case. Read more on THE VETTING Of Sandra Fluke: Her Boyfriend’s Father Is Some Kinda Super Jew…
  day of atonement

Rush Limbaugh Sorry Liberals Made Him Be A Disgusting Liberal Like Them

In case you were wondering, beloved minstrel show performer Rush Limbaugh is “sincerely” “sorry” about the “two words” he called Sandra Fluke — slut and prostitute — and as anyone who is sincerely sorry does, took full personal responsibility for them by blaming liberals, who forced him to become a disgusting spewer of ad-hominem insults against nice ladies even though he did not mean them, like them. Blorgle snurfle phlegm, liberals have a “willingness to say or do anything to advance their agenda. But this is the mistake I made,” admitted Mr. Limbaugh, humbly. “In fighting them on this issue last week, I became like them. Against my own instincts, against my own knowledge, against everything I know to be right and wrong, I descended to their level, when I used those two words to describe Sandra Fluke, I became like them, and I feel very badly about that.” He continued, “I have always tried to maintain a very high degree of integrity and independence on this program.” “Integrity” and “independence” is not the language Your Wonkette would have used. Read more on Rush Limbaugh Sorry Liberals Made Him Be A Disgusting Liberal Like Them…