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Epic head case Michele Bachmann’s entire New Hampshire staff has resigned en masse because she refuses to focus on the state, although reports saying that Rick Perry’s campaign is already busy pilfering some of them indicate this is mostly due to her being a blathering loser. She is such a loser, in fact, that the […]

This is going to be what’s it’s like for the Rupert Murdochs of the world, from now on. We hope, anyway! Just full-on harassment and outbursts until these kleptocrats are scared to leave their penthouses, which will then be burnt down, by dragons.

We would not have picked San Francisco for the first American city where “They” would start using autocratic control tactics on its disgruntled citizens, but here it is: civil liberties advocates are binging on tinfoil hats full of margaritas because the apparently fascist hippies running popular urinal and firing range the Bay Area Rapid Transit […]

GOP presidential candidate and gay marriage opponent Tim something-or-other was unwisely lurking around signing books in known homosexual watering hole San Francisco when he was, as the kids say, “glitter-bombed.” Code Pink activists dumped an envelope of pink glitter on Pawlenty and yelled at him. Previously, helmet-haired balloon-head human Newt Gingrich had the special privilege […]

Remember this? Well somebody must have turned very red! And then he got a little angry: White House officials have banished one of the best political reporters in the country from the approved pool of journalists covering presidential visits to the Bay Area for using now-standard multimedia tools to gather the news. The Chronicle’s Carla […]

“President Obama will meet with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and other business leaders when he visits San Francisco Thursday according to a source familiar with the arrangements.” Well alright. Obama is apparently going to discuss innovation and science and his “Win the Future” thing. That’s cute, but America is totally bankrupt of ideas, and probably […]

QUICK! GOD! DO EARTHQUAKES!  3:40 pm August 12, 2010

by Jack Stuef

TIME FOR EVERYONE IN CALIFORNIA TO GET GAY-MARRIED AGAIN, OR NOT: UPDATED: It was originally breathlessly reported that Judge Vaughn Walker had lifted the stay on the decision to strike down Proposition 8, so that California is once again a state where the gays can do gross things like “nuptials” in front of our poor, […]

Hello, I am your new Wonkette reporter of The Homosexuals, and what they are thrusting upon society, or what is being thrusteth upon them. Sometimes I will post a round-up of what is going on that you might not have heard about, or maybe I will write about specific things related to The Homosexuals. It […]

Did you know that in San Francisco Republicanism is not (yet) punishable by literal, physical death? Social death, sure, that goes without saying, you will be mocked and derided and nobody will have gay sex with you (or if they do they will make fun of you about it, later). And yet these brave souls […]

Hundreds of protesters waved signs and flags and stuff at the Port of Oakland on Sunday because an Israeli cargo ship was coming in and this was the most important way they could protest Israel for some reason. Longshoremen refused to cross the “picket line” of weirdos because apparently it had some union backing. In […]

It is a fact well-known to reputable science that all the electronic gizmos in your house are conspiring to give you cancer and funnel Dangerous Electronic Beams into your hypothalamus, which will leave you open to suggestions from Them. But our elected officials, who are bought and paid for, by the space lizards, just keep […]

Woman politician “Madam Speaker” Nancy Pelosi is doing woman things again! Like, spending too much money, dagnabbit. She’s spending $18,736 per month on a fancy suite of offices in San Francisco — liberal San Francisco, of all places — and that’s (according to Roll Call) nearly twice as much as the next-most-expensive district office rent, […]

The Supreme Court will consider the constitutionality of Wii Golf and other obscene games that were never meant for children. [Hit & Run] Barack Obama had a friendly chit-chat with a group of “Muslim entrepreneurs.” Heavens, is that what the liberal media is calling terrorists these days? [The Caucus] San Francisco is boycotting Arizona (no […]

ALSO A NAZI  12:43 pm October 28, 2009

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Modernist

by Jim Newell

It’s like a veto, but with a half-cryptic message! Schwarzenegger’s office responds that this is just a “weird coincidence,” kind of like that time when foreign actor Arnold Schwarzenegger somehow became Governor of California. And yet! The bill he was rejecting in this letter was one dealing with financing for San Francisco ports, sponsored by […]

Tipster “paperpush” sends us news that at least one (1) new job has been created in the Bay Area. Green shoots, etc! Are you a right-of-center sort of thinker with mad writing skillz and decent hygiene? Read on.