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Tag: san diego

Junior Grifter Vaping Congressdude Duncan Hunter May Be Crooked Enough For A Trump Post!

Rep. Duncan Hunter had to pay back $60,000 worth of petty grifting from his campaign funds. He's being eyed for Trump's NSA.
As snarly as they come

Darrell Issa So Mad About Guard Bonus Clawbacks He Knew About For Two Years, Did Nothing About!

Darrell Issa didn't do jack about the problem for two years, because he was too busy investigating Benghazi. Here's hoping the Democrat colonel guy he's running against is better at 'Congress.'
In this alternate universe, the Sunday NYT has a comics section

Wonkagenda: Thursday, August 18, 2016

You get in here and and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!

Hillary To America: I Am A Grown-Ass Adult, And Donald Trump Is A Idiot

It's a pity Hillary won't say what she really thinks about Donald Trump.

Surprise! Farm-To-Table (At Least In One City) Is A Complete Lie

You guys remember farm-to-table, right? That hip new (well, for a given value of new) trend where restaurants source local food to serve to local customers in an extremely local fashion? Yeah, turns out that in at least one...
He may or may not get to have a word with the Framers about original intent.

Justice Scalia Knows The Blacks Are Too Dumb For Real Colleges

You'll be shocked to know that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said a Not Very Nice But Very Typical Of Him thing on Wednesday. Was it about lady parts? Homo parts? Nope, this time it was about African-American brain parts: He argued that "most of...

Holy Batman Nipples! And Other Pictures From Our Chicano Park San Diego Drinky Thing!

Buenos morning, wonqueros y wonquerinas! We are coming at you from my sister's driveway in San Diego and trying out this newfangled "gallery" feature on the Wonk! Click away to see all your SD brethren and sistren partying near...

San Diego, Come Be Dead With Us, TODAY (Sunday)

WELL! It has been a journey like we are on The Bachelor and people won't shut up about "the journey" this and "the journey" that and oh my god you wouldn't know a hero's journey if it killed your...

Orange County, California, Knows How To Party (Tonight!)

Prepare, minions, for the triumphal return of ME, YOUR COMMIE GIRL AND EDITRIX, plus my consort and my heiress, as I permit you to pay obeisance to me at our old stomping ground, the Fling in Santa Ana, for...

Hello, Los Angeles. Won’t You Buy A Girl And Her Husband And Her Official Wonkette Baby A Drink?

Los Angeles, we are to home to you! Currently? Overnighting in an alley behind Wonker Paula's Burbank craft-soap factory, and life couldn't be sweeter! (Or more clean.) Tonight you will come and sing sweet songs of home with us...

1000 To One Odds Our Vegas Party Sunday Will Be A Rocking Good Time

San Francisco, did you know you've been added to the Wonkette Wonkebago Fall 2015 Itinerant Panhandling Tour and Grifterthon? Las Vegas, join us Sunday (tomorrow? today?), Oct. 25, at the Summerlin, Nevada, home of Wonkers Frances and Don, and...

Wonkette Smearing Its Big Love On Salt Lake City Tomorrow! (Or Tonight!)

Salt Lake City, comin' atcha! We shall invade your Drinking Liberally, as is our wont, and in exchange for letting us annex you, we shall buy you pitchers of your silly low-test beer tomorrow (or tonight?), anyway, Friday. BUT...

A Ridiculous Amount Of Notice For You, So Cal, To Put On Your Drinkin’ And Wonkin’ Shoes

San Diego! Orange County! Los Angeles! Las Vegas! Maybe Utah! We are hereby giving you a dumb amount of notice that we will be buying you beers and/or grilling you tofurkey (you bring the tofurkey), NEXT WEEK AND THEREAFTER....
He calls this his 'hoodlum chic' look. Really.

Hardened Criminal Dinesh D’Souza Finally Freed From Maximum Security Sleep-Away Camp

Convicted felon Dinesh D'Souza is free at last, FREE AT LAST! from his eight-month sentence of being held in "overnight captivity" in a "community confinement center." D'Souza, as we all know because of how he has been on TV...
The 3-year-old looks especially suspicious

San Diego Cops Thought Brothers Were Robbing Own Store, Beat Them Up Just To Be Sure

Hey, San Diego Police, have you roughed up anyone entering their own property lately? Oh, you have? Bet you probably had a really good reason for it, at least, huh? Yes, Dear Wonkers, if it's not abundantly clear by now,...
File Photo: the average Californian voter, or D.A., whatever.

Making A Hippity Hop Album Basically Same Thing As Murder

San Diego prosecutors are doing their darnedest to make sure a man goes to jail for the rest of his life for a crime he didn't commit. That's not a matter of conjecture, like, "No, he's totes innocent." Prosecutors...