san antonio

The poor oppressed gun fondlers in the San Antonio chapter of Open Carry Texas just can’t seem to get the respect they deserve. In San Antonio, the poor dears were asked to leave a Sonic and a Chili’s after showing up with all their guns, prompting one of the victims of fascist Nazi gunhate to […]

Here’s your Conspiracy Theory du jour: the Wingnuttosphere is buzzing with warnings that the United Nations is on the verge of taking over the Alamo, that sacred symbol of freedom and resistance to tyranny (especially Messicans and Obama) in San Antonio, Texas. From there, presumably, the UN will proceed to crush liberty, seize all the […]

My my, San Antonio, you certainly are getting “Wonkette famous” this morning! First we listened to that fun secret recording of Councilwoman Elisa Chan’s staff trying to figure out how to keep their thoughts on dog-marrying and cat-marrying from getting out into the general public. And now comes word that at Wednesday’s City Council meeting, […]

San Antonio Councilwoman Elisa Chan just does not understand these disgusting teh gheyz and their gay sex in the butt and why they should adopt the children and other things, because seeing two women kissing confuses the childrens and is against nature, whatever. But she does not want to beat up on teh gheyz, so […]

Hello, do you write incoherently and do you have a thinly veiled agenda? Then come on down to the Hill and write an Op-Ed, they apparently have very low standards and anyone is welcome! Like Dale Schlundt, an adjunct professor in Business Administration at at community college in Texas, who has written an incoherent article […]

Would you like a story about schools that isn’t horribly depressing, but only mildly eye-rolling? As it happens, we have one for you! A number of Texas school districts (yes, Texas again!) have figured out that since federal school funding is largely based on the numbers of butts in seats on a given school day, […]