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Tomorrow’s The Day For Georgia Democrats To Get Off Their Butts And Vote For Jon Ossoff

Hey! Special election Tuesday! Let's take a seat away from the Rs and give 'em noogies, too!

What Brave New Facts Are Falling From Ben Carson’s Broken Brain Into His Mouthhole?

Poor Ben Carson with the broken brain.
Freedom's just another word salad for nothing left to say

Deleted Comments: Don’t You Backwardass Imbreds Understand Liberty At All?

It took a while, but we finally started hearing from the Ammon Bundy Freedom-N-Liberty-N-Armed Insurrection Fan Club, and they are every bit as nice as you'd expect! Consider this thoughtful critique of our coverage, from "TonyinMO," who took issue...
Again, a little explosion would have made it OK

WND Thrilled To Bitses With Exploding Obama Head In Kingsman: Secret Service

Remember how it was INCREDIBLY DISRESPECTFUL when some British filmmakers made a movie that practically nobody saw, imagining the assassination of George W. Bush? Rush Limbaugh called the director of Death of a President a "sicko," Congresscritic Peter King gave...
The real victim, as usual

Glenn Beck Is Sick And Tired Of All This Racism Against Glenn Beck

Guys, we don't know if this is further evidence of Glenn Beck's broken brain, or if it's just in the script, or maybe yes all of the above. But it's classic Glenn Beck, in that it sure seems like...
What's the difference between real life and TV? Who knows? Who cares?

Awww, Is Justice Scalia Having A Bad Day? Good.

You've probably heard by now that yet another state -- this time, the Kansas-shaped one -- has gone and gotten itself all gayed up and equalified, thanks to a very brief "yup, go ahead and marry whomever you want,...

Come Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Star-Studded Post-Oscars Show Of Terribly Not Funny!

Hosting ABC's late night show is pure sweetness on Oscar night, because you are the only late night show available. No other network is going to fling their show up against the perpetually late-running behemoth that is the Academy...

Totally Sane New Randall Terry Ad Says Samuel L. Jackson Is Genociding Black Babies

So, this Randall Terry ad, airing in Florida, is sort of like those commercials for DishTV or whatever that draw a line from not having cable to being in prison forever for raping and murdering your son-in-law? Those are...