sam zell

Rich people! They just cannot shut up lately about how awesome they are and how everyone is out to get them. Last week it was spittle-brained lackwit Tom Perkins suggesting that the current mood towards our nation’s rich was just like Nazi Germany just before Hitler started shipping all the Jews off to death camps. […]

Rod Blagojevich, you are a hero — you are still giving to us, in the form of comic material, months after you’ve been removed from the Illinois governor’s office. (Not that you ever actually went to the Illinois governor’s office, but you know what we mean, you fuckin’ guy.) And today, a new scheme, or […]

Karl Rove’s forthcoming Kunstlerroman, An American Wife, will identify everyone who was “unreceiving” [sic] of Bush’s agenda, thus ensuring that it will the longest book ever published. [CNN Political Ticker] Harry Reid has excommunicated Joe Biden from Senate lunch dates, except on special occasions. [Kevin Drum] Sam Zell, the Chicago Cubs-owning publisher of the Chicago […]