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Tag: sam walton

Nice minimum wage job you got here. Shame if something was to happen to it.

Walmart Training Video Will Scare You Away From Evil Mean Unions Forever

Here is a terrifying anti-union video, mandatory viewing for all new Walmart employees, and designed to warn the Walmart neophyte away from those scary union organizers who are trying to lure unsuspecting "associates" into their evil schemes. As propaganda,...
What is wrong with this picture?

Walmart Canned Food Drive For Its Own Employees Hits Alice Walton Right Where She Lives

It's that time of year again when the the magnanimous folksĀ at Walmart ask the company's hard-working employees to dig deep into their low-wage pockets to give, give, give to each other, on account of how hard-working employees of Walmart...

Wal-Mart’s Billions and the Art Museum of Cruelty: A Christmas Carol

Here is a number we've seen bouncing around this week that really makes us want to fire up the old Yule Log, in the sense that the "Yule Log" is a tightly bound human centipede of the richest hundred...