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It’s Time For Some Turning-Health-Care-Into-A-Game Theory!

It's like that Monopoly game at the grocery store, but you can win a root canal.

Hey Kansas, Time To Go Vote Sexxxy Veteran Guy James Thompson Into Congress! Yes, TODAY!

Don't mind me, I'm just being a complete asshole.

Kansas Gov. Brownback Vetoes Medicaid Cuz Jesus HATED Healing The Poor

Sam Brownback vetoes Medicaid expansion bill passed by a *thoroughly* Republican legislature, because he just can't stop being a dick.

Someone Is Intentionally Sabotaging Minnesota’s Health Care Exchange Enrollment, Isn’t That Neat?

How evil do you have to be to intentionally sabotage people trying to buy health care?
Jesus probably wants you to buy more gun now

Kansas Children! Get Educated, So You Can Haul Ass Out Of Kansas And Never Come Back!

Kansas Supreme Court told Kansas it had to have equitable school funding, or else. Kansas chose 'else.'
Ew gay.

Kansas Might Not Have Any Schools For Trans Folks To Terrorize This Fall, LOL WHOOPS

Gov. Sam Brownback's trickle-down business still isn't working, HUH!

Marco Rubio Can’t Believe You Morons Thought He Was Serious About Immigration Reform

You might have heard some very disturbing rumors lately about true conservative Sen. Marco Rubio. Like, maybe he isn't so true conservative after all, because once upon a time, wayyyyyy back in 2013, he worked with the notorious Gang o' Eight to give free Obamaphones to illegals...

Bundys, Beyoncé And Rick Snyder’s Wife’s Birthday Cake. Your Weekly Top Ten.

Well hi there and good Saturday morning to you, Wonkers! Many newses happened this week, so it's good that you're here for us to catch up together! Haha just kidding, we are not together, because WE WROTE THESE DAMN...

Human Trash Fire Sam Brownback Set To Gut Public Education In Kansas, Hooray

You know, one of the biggest problems with having Sam Brownback as governor of Kansas is that his endless evisceration of government funding means that we have to find newer and better ways to say, "What's the matter with Kansas?"...
Did somebody say spandex?

Kansas To Give Gun Dealers Special Rights Like They’re A Bunch Of Gays Or Something

Thank Christ Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and his team of merry Republican legislators have fixed the budgetary crisis they created, and now have time to move on to the important issues. It's time to ban discrimination against poor, helpless,...

Kansas Teacher Does The Gay Agenda To Kids, Refuses To Resign In Shame

Welcome to Kansas, where the deer and the antelope play, the cows had voting rights before the women, and you're not supposed to be nice to the homosexuals. So there's a middle school social studies teacher in Conway Springs, Kansas,...
He seems nice

Gov. Sam Brownback Has A Brother, And He Also Blows A Lot

Billy Carter? Roger Clinton? Amateurs! When it comes to embarrassing political siblings, those two are pikers compared to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback's brother Jim, according to an in-depth investigative piece published in the Topeka Capitol-Journal Sunday. According to reporter...
Typical Kansas ATM line.

Good News, Kansas Poors, You’re Allowed To Eat Food Again

Good news! Kansas has decided been compelled to reverse course on its cute little idea for how poors should be able to get TANF benefits, but shouldn't be able to actually access those benefits, due to how they're not...

Kansas Republicans Very Upset Black Lady Rep Called Them Big Dumb Racists

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and his cretinous, thumb-sucking lackeys in the state capitol have been working overtime the past few years to find the perfect balance between bankrupting the state with tax cuts and fucking poor people over. It's...
Giggling about what an asshole he is.

Gov. Sam Brownback Only Raised Taxes On Poors, So It Doesn’t Count, Right?

You know that thing about how Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is the worst governor in the entire galaxy, and how he bankrupted Kansas with his fucked up tax cuts for the wealthy, but then Kansas voters reelected him because...
Nothing cuter in the world than the newborn baby burrito. NOTHING.

It’s A Nice Day For A Wonkette Online Baby Shower! Your Weekly Top Ten.

WONKETTE HAD A BABY, WONKETTE HAD A BABY, WONKETTE HAD A BABY. Hey, did you hear Wonkette had a baby? As you read this, Ms. Donna Rose, daughter of yr Editrix Rebecca and her dashing pixel husband Shy, is...