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Yay, Ryan Zinke Just Saved The Endangered Animals By Letting Trump Sons Murder Them More!

All hunters welcome except the witch kind.

YAY, Donald Trump’s Evil Idiot Sons Will Get To Bring Home Their Bloody Elephant Tails!

Instead of shooting an elephant, just go read George Orwell'e essay on that very thing. Christ, you people.

Donald Trump’s Disgusting Idiot Sons Can Now Kill All The Elephants They Want

Can't think of any reason Trump would reverse this Obama-era policy... Oh, *that.*

Sarah Palin Taking Blood-Libel Show On the Road With Larry the Cable Guy

Sarah Palin has learned she can get a lot of attention from liking guns and such, and that is going to continue on JANUARY 29 in RENO, NEVADA, as she addresses the SAFARI CLUB INTERNATIONAL GUN SHOW! Unfortunately,...

George W. Bush Is Now Very Tragic Gun Clown

If you were considering skipping this year's Safari Club International Annual Hunters' Convention, starring our country's first white president George W. Bush, ho ho ho, three words for you good sir: "Also Liz Cheney." This makes sense, as Liz Cheney...