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All The Times Mike Pence Defended Donald Trump’s Past Statements By HEY LOOK OVER THERE!

If Mike Pence won the debate, he did it by conveniently ignoring everything Donald Trump has ever said.
Huh. Usually it's the pants.

Donald Trump Goes Over Bigly With Republican Senators In ‘Dumpster Fire’ Of A Meeting

Donald Trump met with Senate Republicans Thursday, and only a few of them openly stuck out their tongues and went 'Thhpppppbbbbttt!' right in his face. Trumpmentum is clearly building.
Who needs notes? Not Donald Trump

Donald Trump Airs His Grievances: The Media (Who Are Probably Jooz)

Donald Trump would like to tell you a thing he knows about the Jews.

Donald Trump Hearts Saddam Hussein

Donald Trump thinks Saddam Hussein was an admirable role model for dealing with terrorists, because he got the job done. Why would anyone have a problem with a simple factual statement like that?
Dirka dirka jihad Muhammad jihad!

Southwest Airlines Keeping Skies Safe For Scaredypants Jackasses

Southwest Airlines made a strong bid for an Equine Posterior Award recently by kicking a UC Berkeley student off the plane for having the temerity to speak Arabic in the Post 9/11 World (aka Pantsloadland). The Washington Post reports Khairuldeen...
It wasn't his case, but 9/11

9/11-Humper Rudy Giuliani So Mad At Hillary For Starting ISIS

Hillary Clinton is guilty of many things. She does emails to Sidney Blumenthal about what a gas it would be to do Benghazi a whole bunch maybe after brunch next Tuesday. She does secret speeches to Wall Street where...

Peyton Manning Hires Ari Fleischer To Ensure No One Believes A Word He Says

Over the weekend, a big thing happened in sportsball, which you know we are always on top of here at yr Wonkette. Turns out that the freedom-haters over at Al Jazeera declared jihad on All-American Hero Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton...

U.S. Military Letting Afghan Allies Rape Boys On American Bases, So That’s Gross

Here's a nice and horrifying story for you. The New York Times reports that in our completely necessary Freedom War in Afghanistan, the United States military has told soldiers and Marines to please ignore the fact that American-trained Afghan military...
This one was pretty much mandatory

Jeb! Bush Remembers That One Time His Brother Won The Iraq War

Jeb! Bush would just like you all to know what a terrific job his brother George did in Iraq. No really, you may have thought it was a quagmire with thousands of dead Americans and hundreds of thousands of...
Still empty.

Ben Carson Coulda Killed Bin Laden And Saddam Without Going To War, Just Like JFK Did

Ben Carson made a Dumb again! He was trying and failing, like so many other Republican candidates before him, to answer the question, "would you have invaded Iraq?" To his credit, he said it was a mistake! But he said...
Is me the president I have been waiting for?

Jeb Bush Answer To ‘Would You Have Invaded Iraq?’ Almost As Big A Clusterf*ck As Invasion Of Iraq

Jeb Bush sat down for a Fox News interview with Megyn Kelly that aired Monday, to talk about how much he wants to do presidenting, because his big brother (George W. Bush) got to do it and his dad...
He Kept Us Mostly Safe Kind Of

Sundays With The Christianists: American History Textbooks That Kept Us Safe From Terrorism

Well, fans of Christianist textbooks, just like in 1989, we're just about at the end of history once again, or at least the end of our two rightwing Christian textbooks, almost. Last week, our 11/12th-grade textbook, United States History...

Iraqi Jerks Will Cut Off Your Clitoris, For Whatever The Islamic Version Of Jesus Is

#451607616 / gettyimages.com You may have noticed that, apart from the supremely idiotic thoughts of the people who got America into Iraq in the first place, we haven't been covering the terrible situation in that country much, because there is...

Tony Blair Loved Invading Iraq, Is History’s Politest Greatest Monster

What have we here? Oh, just war cheerleader/criminal/former British Prime Minister Tony Blair frantically trying to wipe the Iraqi blood off his mouth and the permanent stain off his soul by penning one bazookabillion words for The Independent about...

Sundays With The Christianists: U.S. History Textbooks That Do Not Like Broccoli

After a million weeks on Ronald Reagan, the Greatest President Ever, our survey of a couple of rightwing Christian textbooks will devote about 1500 words to his successor, George Herbert Walker Kennebunkport Milli Vanilli Bush, the 41st President and...

Fox News Finds Iraq’s Missing WMDs Right Where Saddam Hid Them, In Syria, Iran, Sudan, North Korea And Probably France

Ladies and gentlemen, our long national nightmare is over. Fox News "military analyst" retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerny has found the Weapons of Mass Destruction, and they are at points east, west, north and south of Syria, because why...