We know that bloated completely faded star Steven Seagal thinks of himself as a real-life action figure/spy, what with his training a vigilante posse and such. But did you know he’s also a leading authority on Russia?! In Steven Seagal’s mind he totally is and he loves him some Vladimir Putin, probably because they are […]

In all the excitement of the government shutdown, with everyone rushing to open unsafe mines and engage in fraudulent trade, we are afraid something important has been lost in the shuffle. Recall that yesterday, Republicans like Ted Cruz were trying to argue — contra Harry Reid and This Obama — that the GOP had so […]

The New Republic has discovered what looks like a pretty neat bit of obstructionism aimed at slowing down and otherwise gum-uppening implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Now, this story is completely unrelated to the House’s constant efforts to wish the ACA into the cornfield, or to shut down the entire government to stop the […]

Hey, remember when they stole Ohio? Hahaha, yeah, good times. (Here is a quick story explainering the bizarre discrepancies between exit polls, which showed John Kerry winning handily, and the tabulated results, which flipped that. It has the special bonus of world’s greatest pollster Dick Morris musing that since exit polls are like never wrong, […]

The holidays are a difficult time for any couple. In America, “the holidays” usually refers to that special time of year when the baby Jesus returns to cast spells on all the Walmarts so he can watch insane sweatpants-clad parents kill each other over whatever Furby the kids are freaking out about these days. But […]

For six days straight, Bank of America’s websites have been hammered. Across this struggling nation, people couldn’t get online to pay their bills or attempt to balance their shrinking balances. BofA offered no explanation for this, for six long days as its customers tried to access their financial accounts immediately after BofA announced an evil […]

Famous birther drag queen Orly Taitz is so frustrated right now, because no one will listen to her important ideas about Barack Obama’s fake social security number. She can’t even get justice in the court, probably because everyone there is a secret Kenyan with a fake social security number, too. Oh and also because she […]

Here’s a fun mainstream opinion for your “Oh for chrissakes” files: The Week magazine says the GOP is intentionally sabotaging the American Economy so shit will be so bad in 2012, even Willow Palin’s pot dealer will be a “sane choice” for president. It makes a certain amount of sense, we guess? Just make things […]

JOE TRIPPI SAYS EDWARDS SABOTAGE PLOT RUMORS ARE ‘COMPLETE BS’: Whaaaa? Does this mean somebody lied to our precious George Stephanopoulos? Prove it, Trippi. []

NASA  5:29 pm July 26, 2007


by Alex Pareene