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John McCain went on the Senate floor to deliver a heartfelt eulogy today about Russ Feingold, his dear campaign-finance-reform life-partner, even though Feingold is still alive, geez. But it turned out to be a moment of striking clarity, because John McCain may have finally admitted he is a two-bit shell of a leader who has […]

Oh sheesh, did they have to take Feingold? We aren’t upset because the man was a great senator; we are upset because that was Pagels’ seat. It still seems like the Democrats will hold onto the Senate at this, the fifth hour of our long crash into forever-gridlock. Sure, the complete sell-out half of the […]

Oh look, it’s our favorite blog, local/govt_and_politics/blog. We’ll just take a look-see at what’s happening at the old blog this morn — OH GOD. “Dear Wonkette: We love you so. But we have some terrible news for you. Ernest J. Pagels, Jr. is not actually a candidate for U.S. Senate in Wisconsin.” It seems […]

Despite Ernest J. Pagels, Jr.’s brilliant campaign against homosexuality, abortion, and pornography, the Wisconsin GOP Convention endorsed “Oshkosh businessman” (the place or the child overalls?) Ron Johnson. This afternoon the DSCC e-mailed us a press release letting us know that Ron Johnson owns stock in evil oil spiller British Petroleum. This is supposed to make […]

Now that we’ve all had time to mourn Robert Byrd, let’s talk replacements! West Virginia’s Secretary of State has stared at the confusing law-words on the subject and announced that Democratic Governor Manchin can appoint some Democrat to fill out almost the whole rest of Byrd’s term; a special election will be held in 2012 […]

What new, innovative methods are there to be a Republican candidate — a REAL MERKN R’pubkin — nowadays? The base expects you to be just like them. This dude has an idea: “[Dave] Westlake is the Republican challenger to Democratic incumbent Russ Feingold of Wisconsin. Westlake says he’ll be wearing his bright orange hunting gear […]

Joe Lieberman, the actual human equivalent of a chain letter forwarded to you by your grandparents, has a very important tuff-guy job as chair of the Homeland Security Committee. And he’ll tell ya, he does not like Obama’s coterie of czars, not one bit. He’ll probably hold some trenchant as shit hearings about the hated […]

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