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It has been a quiet week in our woebegone comments queue. Obviously, we’re not being outrageous enough; we’ll work on that. Fortunately, an older post attracted the attention of a reader who wanted to let us know that our understanding of the Old South is seriously skewed. In response to a piece we did back […]

This whole government shutdown slash Obamacare thing sure has given the GOPers a lot to talk outloud about lately. Ted Cruz gathered “thousands” of vets for a “million” vet march to make speeches about the government shutdown Ted Cruz caused. Louie Gohmert threatened to impeach the president for any potential debt default that Louie Gohmert […]

So what is up with giant bloviating bag of gas Rush Limbaugh lately? Oh, just some painfully easy-to-mock made-up economic history wherein Clinton did bad things, Bamz caused bad things to happen BACKWARDS IN TIME just by being black, and George W. Bush was a white knight that tried to fix it all with regulators, […]

The last time we checked in with Mobile Ego Unit James O’Keefe, the nasty little spud was on the receiving end of a world-class cussing-out at the hands of former US Attorney Jim Letten, who didn’t want a free copy of O’Keefe’s stupid book. This weekend, O’Keefe went to flog his book on friendlier turf, […]

You know that jokey little joke bit of strategery some of us around here like to throw out whenever Obamz&Co come up with any kind of offering of opinion, or God forbid actual policy, and then are arbitrarily screamed at for being commie-fascist-welfare-taxer-Muslim-brothers-from-the-hood, no matter what the opinion was? We jokesters often like to posit […]

Welcome to another edition of our Derp Roundup, that collection of virtual floor sweepings that are too stoopid to completely ignore but not worth a full-length post. To start with, let’s give an Excellence In Trolling medal to the sometimes-funny Andy Borowitz, whose New Yorker piece this week was characteristically meh, but managed to fool […]

Man, the holidays are really creeping up on us, aren’t they. First school starts, then Halloween, and then comes Thanksgiving. Have you thought about how to explain Thanksgiving to your children? A complex tale of European expansion, nascent American exceptionalism, native displacement…ahh, never mind. Just get them Rush Limbaugh’s Thanksgiving origin story book thingy so […]

The notion that Obama conspired with Syria’s rebels to launch a false-flag chemical attack and blame it on Assad isn’t the most insane, nonsensical theory we can imagine. (That would go something like: “Quebecois separatists collaborated with Oprah and the reanimated corpse of Al Jolson to launch the chemical attack because chemtrail helicopter lizard people […]

Oh RNC, never ever change. In response to CNN and NBC’s unspeakable decision to run some sort of movie type things about Hillary Clinton, RNC Chair Reince Preibus has announced that he is considering taking his GOP debate ball and going home, home to where the folks really speak his language. Because when has CNN […]

Your attention please: The man who compared 12-year-old Chelsea Clinton to a dog, whose favorite song in 2008 was a little ditty called “Barack the Magic Negro,” and who is apparently worried that Valerie Jarrett did Benghazi, would like to call your attention to Barack Obama’s very unseemly behavior the other day, when he deigned […]

The wingnut narrative on last year’s Benghazi attacks is starting to remind us of that Onion headline where all the Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories were simultaneously true. This latest Benghazi story sounds completely plausible: a right-wing blogger has been told by “confidential sources” that all the big decisions on Sept 11, 2012, were made by […]

Our story yesterday about Glenn Beck’s campaign to make Rush Limbaugh dead and then name roads after him stirred up some butthurt in a fan of “Dr. Beck.” (We totally have to respect his honorary doctorate from Jerry Falwell’s House Of Degrees.) We feel just terrible about that. And so, let us share the plaint […]

In yet another of his “I must share my random whims with the nation” moments, Glenn Beck wants America to know that he’s really cheesed off over having to drive past a street sign for Cesar Chavez Boulevard in Salt Lake City, which is just RIDICULOSE because there are no Messicans in Utah, by law. […]

Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds, last seen in these pages mansplaining to Gabby Giffords that she should sit down and shut up and not worry her pretty little ventilated head about all those guns someone might use to shoot someone else in the brain, would like all the wimmenz to know that it is the Democrats what […]

Rush Limbaugh has discovered something called “white guilt,” which he apparently believes cripples White America and prevents it from achieving its true potential somehow. And he has a bit of education to lay on all of you white people going around with your heads bowed because of all the White Guilt: Rejoice and be glad, […]