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Hey Here’s A Bunch Of Links About Massachusetts!

Aww, Michael Steele and his minions weren't allowed to do stuff in Massachusetts. So Michael Steele is just pretending that he is a secret agent pulling the strings behind closed doors. This should keep him distracted for another few...

Get Up In the Morning, Slaving For Bread, Sir

Secret Muslin Jew Barack Obama will host the first-ever White House passover seder. The Treasury will delay those toxic-asset "stress test" results to avoid "complicating" the stock market. "A decorated ex-cop who claimed he tested positive for cocaine because...

Stop Making Sense

When Obama was the nine-year-old boy-king of the Terrorists, in the 60s, he personally gave the order for Bill Ayers to nuke McCain's best friend's living room. 100% of the Maverick's dumb teevee commercials are negative. Only 1/3 of...

Political News That Is Not About Joe Biden

If John McCain were tortured, that would mean opening up a freezing, dark can of sexually humiliated and sleep-deprived worms. John McCain is the President of house pets. Howard Dean stress eats M&Ms at an airport Holiday Inn. Age-inflation...

A Fond Farewell

When The Other Puppy Drops

Warming Up

Natural Born Citizens

Thanks for the Explanation

Free Info Sesh!

A Cold Day in Wisconsin