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Does Robert Mueller Have Some InfoWars Guy At Black Site, Just Like Crazy Twitter Says?

Why Is Robert Mueller torturing crazy rightwing people, if he is, even?

Oh No These Lunatics Say Antifa Gonna Civil War Us Tomorrow, BE VERY FRAID!!!

Oh goody, the gun-humpers are het up about a fake threat again, and some seem ready to go looking for trouble.

Trump Will Save Puerto Rico And California Soon As He’s Done Writing These Terrific Tweets

Maybe if the wildfires and hurricanes said more nice things about Donald Trump...
South Carolina, September 2015. Lest We Forget.

Trump Inaugural Committee Has Perfectly Reasonable Explanation For Purchase Of 5,300 RealDolls

He can count the size of the crowd on his huge hands.
Rejoice! For the dough is risen!

Even ‘Pizzagate’ Gunman Thinks Alex Jones Is LIL’ BIT CRAZY

He just wanted to save the kids!

Citizen Shoots Up DC Pizza Place To Investigate Hillary Clinton’s Child Sex Ring, As One Does.

Fake News begets real news, which begets fake news that real news is fake.

Yeah, There’s Still No Voter Fraud, Despite Your Idiot Facebook Friends

Who'd have guessed rampant paranoia would result in false rumors of voting fraud?
All Hail the Risen Blingee

Why Do You Weep? Blingee Lives! Your Saturday Nerdout

Hey, remember how a week or so back we were all bummed because one of the most useful dumb wonderful things on the Internet, Blingee, was going away forever? Turns out that the public reaction was so anguished, so...

Email From Your Crazy Uncle: Obama Welcomes ISIS Youth Groups To Michigan, Sure Why Not

Wow, did you hear the shocking news that Barack Obama used one of those unconstitutional executive order thingies to allow a "youth center" run by an open ISIS sympathizer to open in Dearborn, Michigan, which is full of radical...

Wingnut Blogs Pretty Sure They Found An ISIS Infiltrator At Houston Deli

Here's your latest update on the continuing infiltration of ISIS in the U.S. of A.: not only are they massing on the southern border and ready to invade everywhere, it turns out that they're already here, ordering sammiches at...

Saddam Hussein Shoots Down Malaysian Airliner; Time To Invade Cuba

A Malaysia Air 777 has crashed, probably shot down by a ground-to-air missile, over eastern Ukraine today. We are still in the early "very little is confirmed" stages of this story, so get ready for all sorts of maybe-facts...

Luke Russert Kills U.S. Congressman

Luke Russert jumped the gun a short while ago, incorrectly announcing on Twitter that Rep. Bill Young had died. In reality, Rep. Young is hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The Tampa Bay Times reports a...

Abomination of Nature Liz Cheney Wants To Be In The Senate, Of Course

Just as you people finish mourning the death of one hateful twat, we show up to tell you about the possible resurrection of another. We are speaking of diseased lizard scrotum Elizabeth Cheney, who is remarkably only the second-most...

Drudge Sirens: Gen. David Petraeus Resigns CIA Due To Spying … Between The Sheets

CIA Director David Petraeus has submitted his resignation, admitting that he'd had an extramarital affair and had exercised "extremely poor judgement." Petraeus is likely to be replaced on an interim basis by deputy CIA director Mike Morrell, according to...

Teabaggers Embrace Silly Bandz Terrorism

Gay Republicans are SO BRAVE AND COURAGEOUS for openly acknowledging the fact that gays can ONLY breed society-destroying criminals and welfare queens. Silly-Bandz whore Justin Bieber played a domestic terrorist on one of those CSI shows. Why does TV...