roy ashburn

Bakersfield anti-gay Republican state senator Roy Ashburn is, of course, queer as a three-dollar bill. And he admitted it! Nice to have such honesty in the Political World of Hate Legislation, and all it took for Roy Ashburn to admit his fondness for wriggling around in another man’s excrement was a) a DUI arrest with […]

Hahaha: “The owner of Faces, the club where [California state Senator Roy] Ashburn reportedly was hanging out before his arrest, told CBS 13 that he can’t confirm whether Ashburn was there Tuesday night because the club was packed with 400 patrons for a Latin drag queen beauty pageant.” Also, the openly gay mayor of West […]

California State Sen. Roy Ashburn, a major family values, anti-gay Republican father of four, also likes to FUCK MEN IN THE ASS. He was pulled over and given a DUI the other night while returning from a Sacramento gay nightclub. Riding in the car with him was another man whom Ashburn was going to rail […]