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Inside the Bubble: Wayward Woodward


“For the sake of a new book, Woodward has evidently been willing to protect the American public from various revelations about a government intent on destroying the republic. What a difference a few decades make.” [MOAR WORDS!

OSM: The First Victim of Blog War


So apparently some rightwing bloggers (and David Corn) got together to decided to make coin, change the world, and generate a shitload of publicity. They’ve been at it for five days in and it’s clear they have some idea of how to do one of those things: Make a massive error in ...

Inside the Bubble: Does Banal Rhyme with “Canal” or “Anal”?


CNN’s opinion of its viewers, encapsulated in the DC bureau chief’s description of “The Blog Report”: “It’s sort of like Blogs 101…Or the Reader’s Digest of blogs. Or Blogs for Dummies.” They said it, not us. [MOAR WORDS!