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Your Weekly Top Ten Is Ready For Rudy Giuliani To Go Away And Shut Up Again


The Redistribution Of Human Flesh, By Ross Douthbag

If we guarantee a right to sex for 'incels', shouldn't we also guarantee a right to human flesh for cannibals?

New York Times Continues Long Strange Journey Into What Even The Fuck

Oh look, the New York Times screwed the pooch again. Must be a day ending in more goddamn news about Russia.

Everybody Hates Trump, Even Though He Made BIG BOMBS GO BOOM. Loser!

But Donald Trump thought doing bombs would make him presidential. :(

Ross Douthat Will Fuck You All Night Long, With His Throbbing Neckbeard

Oh yeah baby that is right, can he call you Chunky Reese Witherspoon?
And we're going to reclaim 'Tea Party' for girls, dammit

Let’s Take A Breather And Treat Ourselves To The Whimsical Stylings Of Maureen Dowd, Oh Sweet Jesus

Maureen Dowd ate another pot brownie and had a fever sex dream about Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton. It was a very stupid fever sex dream.

Please Enjoy The Slow But Steady Unraveling Of David Brooks

We've been eagerly covering the complete mental disintegration of not one, but two, esteemed columnists at the paper of record lately. Both David Brooks, America's least intellectual public intellectual, and Ross Douthat, a freshman term paper on Opus Dei...

Ross Douthat Hopes GOP Convention Will Save GOP From Terrifying Trump Monster

Oh god, what must it be like to be a self-styled moderate Republican writing for the New York Times right now? In another era, you'd have been to the manor born, but instead you are required to bang out...

Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump: Your Weekly Top Ten. (Donald Trump!)

Whoa hey, what's shakin' my Wonkerinos? Yes, it is I, who is called "Evan," and I am here with your Weekly Top Ten reading list. Was your top ten so lonelypants while I was on vacation? You betcha. I'd...

Republicans SO MAD They Made Trump Happen

So Donald Trump had a pretty super Super Tuesday, huh? What with all of that winning he did, from hippy-dippy socialist Vermont and only-slightly-less liberal Taxachusetts, to the deep red down-there regions of the Confederate states of AmeriKKKa. He let Ted...

Ross Douthat Knows Donald Trump Is Totally Obama’s Fault

It has brought us no end of joy to watch the GOP try to run away from Donald Trump, pretending that particular monster is not the fruit of their own racist, sexist, and rage-filled loins. (Ewww. We just grossed ourselves...

Maureen Dowd Is High Again

Oh dear. It seems New York Times columnist and comedienne has overdosed on candy again, and, in a marijuana-fueled rage, has typed another mud puddle of words on her favorite subject in all the land, Madam You-Know-Who: After running as a...

Good Job, Everyone! 2014 Was The Hottest Year Ever, And It’s All Our Fault

We set a new record in 2014, heating our oceans and destroying this one and only planet we live on, but it's OK because some "scientist" somewhere says it's a hoax and God will take care of it anyway....
You shut up, and you shut up, and you shut up

If We Could Quarantine Stupid, New Jersey Wouldn’t Have A Governor

When it comes to Ebola, there's what the experts say -- no, travel bans won't work; no, we should not quarantine everyone who sneezes on a subway; no, you can't get Ebola by looking at a picture of President...
Holy nightmare fuel, Batman!

Sunday Bloody NYT Sunday: Special Tom Friedman Rented ‘Batman’ Edition

Most of the news today is predictably awful, so we will just skim it, thank you. Good god, you people aren't actually relying on Yr Wonkette to be informed, are you? It looks like the government of...