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Though we are all about loving how much gay marrying has been going on across the country, sometimes that overshadows the fact that it still really really sucks in many states to be a gay person who would like to have a job without fuckery or the fear of being fired, or both. Law-wise, there’s […]

Some weeks a mere column cannot contain all the voices that echo through the vast Grand Guignol inside her skull. So Sister Peggy Noonan of the Sisters of Delirium Tremens must take to the pages of the blog that Mr. Murdoch has so graciously provided her at the Wall Street Journal’s website to entertain us […]

Let’s just get it out there: We just love Jimmy Carter, and we’d watch him on the Morning Farm Report. Put him across a table from Stephen Colbert, and we are there — or our DVR is. He’s having fun, and has obviously done his homework: he’s perfectly ready for the back-and forth with Colbert. […]

This amazing document was authored by Senator Rand Paul’s guy who does these for him and comes to us via POLITICO, whom we’ll discuss in a minute. What we have here is, in our experience, unprecedented. Rand Paul’s guy has not just broken the Reagan barrier but shattered it: In a 699 word op-ed nominally […]

The crisis in Ukraine brought out the usual “Obama is weak” trolls, and some foreign policy experts like Oliver North wished that the president would take firm action, just like Ronald Reagan did. Jon Stewart notes that Reagan’s “just do it” approach was great, if you don’t mind a little blowback after a few years. […]

Just in case you missed it, we have yet another tale of Liberal Extremism in Our TAXPAYER-SUPPORTED Universities. The most recent butthurt concerns the outrageous, unthinkable claim in a social work textbook that — hope you’re sitting down, folks — Ronald Reagan was not much of an advocate for women. More specifically, the furor started […]

By all reasonable measures, Utah Sen. Mike Lee’s response to the State of the Union address was a huge success: He knew where the camera was, he didn’t go lunging off to the side to grab a water bottle, and he boldly articulated the innovative idea that government is the source of all our problems. […]

You were probably thinking we were done talking about the Grammys. We thought we were also, too, but that was before we learned that Breitbart was having a breathless poutrage about the Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album award going to La Santa Cecilia, which counts among its members a (gasp!) undocumented immigrant. Jose […]

She could not believe she was snowbound again. Yet another storm had blown through the East Coast, stranding Peggy Noonan in her tastefully appointed suite of rooms high above Manhattan. She lay upon her chaise longue in the parlor, wind and snow rattling the windows, through which she saw only a gray-tinted nothingness. It was […]

Mayor Tom Hayden of Flower Mound, Texas, made an official announcement Wednesday, issuing a proclamation that 2014 would be the Year Of The Bible, so that the city will be all Bible-y. It is a pretty bold move for a suburban mayor in a Texas town with a ton of churches, but maybe, by golly, […]

Peggy Noonan is concerned, kids. She is concerned and worried. She is very concerned, worried, and quite frankly, not just a little fretful. About incompetence. Whose incompetence? Why, the incompetence of the entire Obama administration, as evinced especially by that one mentally ill sign language guy. And it’s not just Peggy Noonan who is worried, […]

We bet you would be really surprised to learn that Sun Myung Moon, the founder of both the Unification Church and the Washington Times, was a bit of a sybaritic horndog when he wasn’t busy preaching about the sanctity of marriage and family values, and also giving huge checks to conservative causes. Actually, we don’t […]

Last week, Newt Gingrich put out what he described as a “heartfelt” statement about the passing of Nelson Mandela. (No, you’re not really supposed to describe your own work as “heartfelt,” but in the annals of Gingrichian self-regard, this is probably as minor as it gets.) Back in the ’80s, Gingrich had in fact (for […]

Phyllis Schlafly, the Queen Mum of rightwing hate, is getting pretty tired of the poor and the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. So yesterday, she tossed a tempest; in a radio commentary, she insisted that the Statue of Liberty actually “has nothing whatsoever to do with immigration.” Schlafly also dismissed Emma Lazarus’ poem “The […]

Can anyone doubt that Wonkette’s Own Gary Legum has earned himself an appointment to the Jim Newell Memorial Chair in Peggy Noonan Studies? Apparently, someone can, and that someone is irate Accipitriform-American reader “HMichaelHAWK,” who had this to say about our most recent foray into Noonanlandia: I guess this is your idea of “Creative Writing?” […]