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On a clear, sunny October day, Peggy Noonan ventured out of the rarefied confines of Manhattan and into the fetid lowland swamp of Washington, District of Columbia, to give a keynote luncheon address at the Chamber of Commerce’s 14th Annual Legal Reform Summit, titled “Healing the U.S. Lawsuit System.” Lady Nooningham’s applicability to this particular […]

Right here is some actual evidence of the power of prayer, so all you atheists just shut up. Cindy Jacobs, a self-proclaimed “respected prophet” who a few years ago repented for all the lesbians and their “girl-on-girl kissing,” told a true tale of the time that her very own son, 6 at the time, saved […]

This week, we’ll be looking at our Christian textbooks’ coverage of the labor movement in the 19th century — a focus that seems especially timely on a weekend when striking BART workers in San Francisco are suspending picketing after two track workers were killed in an accident. 130 years ago, an accident like that in […]

After all the excitement of the Civil War and Reconstruction, it’s time for our textbooks for Christian homeschoolers to turn to America’s best time ever, the Gilded Age, before all those troublesome unions and Progressives and minorities started causing trouble. For a change, our 8th-grade text from A Beka, America: Land I Love, has the […]

Shutdown day 11! Hope you have been getting your Government Shutdown Bonus Card stamped every day, because 12 shutdown days earns you one free voter repression in the swing state of your choice! (Wonkette is going with a minority college kid in North Carolina.) Well, yesterday saw President Obama meeting with top GOP lawmakers at […]

Why, sure, Washington Post, we’d love to read a political trends think-piece! Whatcha got? Oh, Tea Partiers who were elected in 2010 are starting to see some pushback in their home districts? OK, sure, we’ll read that! Please tell us that people are getting tired of their antics, will you? For instance, maybe you could […]

Somewhere in New York, in a penthouse high above the clouds, Sister Margaret Ellen Noonan gazed out a window and imagined the world below. On the movie screen of her mind, she saw grown men sitting in leather armchairs in well-appointed clubs, snifters of brandy in hand, debating well-intentioned but ill-founded strategies. She watched as […]

Tom Clancy, the author of thrillers like The Hunt for Red October and Patriot Games, has died in a Baltimore hospital at the age of 66. The Hunt for Red October happened along at a perfect time for a technologically driven thriller about a rogue Soviet submarine captain; President Ronald Reagan called it “the perfect […]

Now that we’ve got the Civil War out of the way, our Christian-school textbooks almost seem to settle down and relax for a bit. They had a lot of ideological axe-grinding to do in discussing the causes of the Civil War, and there’s certainly a fair bit of that left over for Reconstruction, but for […]

If you’re looking for a 15,000-square-foot luxury home that’s built 26 feet underground so it can survive a nuclear attack, and you have a spare $1.7 million, we’ve got just the place for you! Built in 1978 by a wealthy businessman who was convinced the Reds were going to push the button down, this Las […]

Today is Friday and for our sins the Good Lord hath seen fit to deliver unto us further maundering from the pen of Sister Margaret Ellen Noonan, blessed servant of the Order of Thorazine and Gin. Let us gaze upon her works together, so that we might make of ourselves better repositories for her Wisdom. […]

Shelly is back! Without leaving!  After announcing her retirement, rivers of tears flooded the Wonket seekrit chatcave at the loss of such a proud Swiss-American leaving Congress to do who-knows-what (raise 84 more children? Destroy local school boards? Go back to being an IRS lawyer? Lose a Senate race to Al Franken?). But she is […]

Noted animal-hater and all-around waste-of-space Teabagging Congresstwit Steve King (R-4th Level of Hell) has once again opened his maggot-filled cockholster. He wants you to know that the only reason that Supreme Leader and Great Sun of Socialism Barack H. Obummer got elected was because of all the damn messicans. And whose fault is it that you can’t […]

Hey, Drudge and Weekly Standard, did anything happen during President Richard Milhouse Obama’s press conference with the Turkish premiere or prime minister or president or whatever? (We are not required to know who that guy is, because AMERICA.) Oh, nothing, he just CALLED OUT THE MARINES? Well that is one way to murder all of […]

Your Wonkette was wondering: Prior to 9/11/12, when God and Hillary Clinton did 9/11 Classic to four Americans in Libya, a place of Muslims, was there anything? Here’s what we mean: Did history start on that date, or was there a bunch of stuff that “came before,” stuff like other terrorist attacks on US diplomatic […]