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You know what was pretty awkward? When Donald Trump insinuated the other day that maybe some Second Amendment People would have some way of...

Take a moment to bask in the knowledge that yes, for real, this is our president.

Poor Newt! Has he fallen out of love with his erstwhile man-lover Trump?

Trump reportedly asked a foreign policy expert THREE TIMES IN ONE HOUR why he's not allowed to nuke everything. THREE TIMES.

Cheer up! America is in far better shape that Donald Trump wants to frighten us into thinking.

We Saw The Best Minds Of The #NeverTrump Movement Destroyed By Madness, Starving, Hysterical

Donald Trump is one fickle veep-vetter. His short list keeps getting longer and longer, which is not supposed to be how that works.

Another reboot from the '80s happened this week, as Great Britain's ruling Conservative Party leadership fight appears to have been won by a lady! That...

Because that Star of David bullshit can wait till tomorrow.

Goddamn Ben Stein let words dribble out of his goddamn mouth hole again, and the Guardian inexplicably wrote them down and printed them.

Nobody wants to go to Cleveland's big Republican National Convention hoop-de-doo :(

The Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin breaks up with the GOP for being too crass, stupid, and angry. Maybe she is libertarian-curious?

Ted Nugent makes case against gun control with doctored video of Hillary Clinton being assassinated.

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