ron barber

It occurred to us that we have not followed up on some very important electoral news: Namely, the fate of several candidates who nobody had ever heard of until they briefly shone in the “weird news” column, and then disappeared from view. What happened to those wackos with all their wackiness? Let it never be […]

Arizona appears to be ahead in the race to the bottom of the electoral-competence barrel, yay! Nearly a week after the election, hundreds of thousands of votes were still waiting to be tallied. To the surprise of absolutely no one, the mess appears to be at least in part a result of the state’s efforts […]

Sad news from Arizona. Menacing idiot Jesse Kelly has lost the special election to replace Gabby Giffords in the House. Giffords’ former district director, Ron Barber — who was also injured the day Giffords was shot — will serve the remaining six months of her term. Luckily, the next election is only six months away! […]