roe v. wade

Forty-one years ago today, the Supreme Court made the bold declaration that what a woman does with her uterus is her own fucking business (before a fetus is viable, and then it gets kind of murky). And we Vagina-Americans have been fighting to remind the country that no, seriously, this is our legal right for […]

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of hearing about some douchehole politician introducing yet another bill to protect the unborn masturbating fetuses and borrowing some nifty ideas from the not-hyperbole-but-actual-literal Nazis to explain how magic ladyparts work ergo ban abortion? Well, too bad, suckas, because that won’t be stopping anytime soon. […]

It’s Monday, which means it’s time to open up the old email inbox and muck out all the Nazi analogies that have piled up over the weekend. Today brings us a generous offer from wingnut Matt Barber: “Attached is a column submission for your consideration. Re-print permission granted.” Well, hey, free content! Oh, wait, it’s […]

Roe v. Wade, guys. Roe v. Wade. I know you’re probably shaking your head sadly at the mere mention of that travesty, because even if you support a woman’s right to choose when she gets to grow a baby inside her belly, you probably consider it the worst decision ever decided by the Supreme Court. […]

Libruls really hit the holiday jackpot this week! First, we had Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Inauguration Day at the same time, which appropriately coincided with the made-up Fox News holiday, “Sadness Day” (a holiday Olds celebrate by eating burnt pot roast and scowling at Wheel of Fortune). But the fun did not stop […]

Oh, hello, beasts of burden. Remember me? I’m good ol’ Sara Benincasa, your friend from the days of a kkkolumn called Barry Can You Hear Me? Well now I am Back, hahaha, and more terrible than ever. So terrible, in fact, that tonight I am hosting a party for the feared chieftainesses of wimmin’s lib […]

Searching for the final nail in the coffin of Rick Santorum’s political career, there appears to be a solid contender in a CNN interview Piers Morgan conducted with the Republican candidate ahead of the South Carolina primary. The liberal network OBVS wanted to get at Santorum’s extremely conservative views, but the response Santorum gave on […]

It’s been a rather slow news week, so the media elites and pretty much everyone else have decided it’s time to unleash the research that will ruin Donald Trump’s shot at the Republican presidential nomination. (Not like it was hard to uncover or anything.) 2012′s cartoon rich man frontrunner won’t even make it to his […]

It’s the 36th anniversary of the famous abortion decision, “Roe v. Wade.” Happy, uh, birthday, to, uhm, the legal ruling! Yes, happy birthday to this thing, which has been the dominant American political issue since we lost the Vietnam War. Honestly, this fucking country ….

Over on the spastic Corner blog at National Review Online, famous conservative Ed Whelan has brought up a very interesting point about the great hypocrite, Barack Obama: that if Roe v. Wade had come to pass but a few Earth-years earlier, the terrible fetus Barack Obama would have almost surely been aborted faster than your […]

Here’s the promised new chapter of The World’s Most Painful Interview, in which CBS journalistic monster Katie Couric continues to look almost sad about how fucking dumb this Sarah Palin proves to be, again and again, whenever she is asked to speak.

A couple of days ago, Jonathan Martin mentioned a particularly disturbing SECRET video that CBS News was sitting on from the ongoing Couric-Palin Sessions. Palin, supposedly, was asked some question about the Supreme Court and couldn’t discuss any other case beyond Roe Vee Wade: “There was no verbal fumbling with this particular question as there […]

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