robert byrd

The police around Tennessee’s state capitol building must have thought a cute dog walking around the grounds posed no threat to democracy. But they were wrong! Poor state Rep. Joanne Favors, a survivor of a “huge dog” that was walking around the capitol plaza, is revealing on the floor of the legislature what sounds to […]

Wow, Constitution Day is already here? Looks like the holiday season that began last week with 9/11 is nearly over and we all will have to go back to work soon. So what do we do on Constitution Day? BLASPHEME! This holiday was created in 2004 when the late Robert Byrd stuck it into a […]

Laboring Americans, were you excited when your Barack Obama took to the stage on Labor Day and made an exciting proposal to spend $50 billion on infrastructure, which would create many a job building things, through labor? Then you were probably equally excited the day after Labor Day (“Capital Day”), when that proposal was rolled […]

How did we miss this? Earlier in the week it was reported that Sharron Angle agreed in a 2009 interview that there are “domestic enemies” within the “walls of the Senate and the Congress.” Wow, Americans are really dumb! You want to kill the terrorists, you guys, not elect them to high office. Unsurprisingly, because […]

West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin is “tapping” his 36-year-old former chief counsel Carte Goodwin to hold Robert Byrd’s Senate seat smokin’ hot for him until Manchin runs for it himself in a special election in November. So this Carte man will be the one to vote to continue your unemployment benefits, sexily, though not quite […]

This is the week that LeBron has made, let us rejoice and be glad! America’s favorite Black Athlete-Jesus has elected himself Emperor of Miami, which will surely make Elian Gonzalez regret returning home to the Bay of Pigs. But what of our Black President-Jesus? How did he fare this week? Was he given shiny billions […]

Because the Senate is full of sick old people, there is actually an established policy about how long you get to clear out all of a senator’s stuff, after he dies. You get 60 days! This is fine for your ordinary senator who burned everything incriminating, but what about Robert Byrd, a man who was […]

John Boehner cordially invites all lobbyists to his annual “write the GOP Agenda” slumber party/circle jerk. [Think Progress] Matt Yglesias gets really philosophical about the intricacies of manufacturing goods. For instance, Matt manufactures blog posts, but will these blog posts be considered luxury goods in 40 years? We have no idea, it’s simply too soon […]

People from the Radio-Television Correspondents Association have sent a “formal complaint” to Senate Rules Committee Chairman Chuck Schumer because the Senate has denied C-SPAN the permission to provide round-the-clock coverage of people looking at Robert Byrd’s wrinkly old corpse as it lies in state in the Senate Chamber. It is implied that Byrd’s family doesn’t […]

Now that we’ve all had time to mourn Robert Byrd, let’s talk replacements! West Virginia’s Secretary of State has stared at the confusing law-words on the subject and announced that Democratic Governor Manchin can appoint some Democrat to fill out almost the whole rest of Byrd’s term; a special election will be held in 2012 […]

Robot-dweeb asswipe Steve Forbes was such a great Republican Presidential Candidate that absolutely no-one can remember that Steve Forbes did this, not so long ago. Has he vanished up the anus of his inherited wealth? No, of course not. He’s a fake Teabagger. He’s got a Twitter. And he’s so happy Robert Byrd is dead. […]

After his weekly appearance on Showtime at the Apollo, Robert Byrd would sometimes take his fiddle down to the Opry to rock some bluegrass. He’s no Alison Kraus, but he is dead. And that along with a half century as a senator is enough reason for a Children’s Treasury of Weird Videos.

After 51 years in the Senate, Robert Byrd of West Virginia died this morning at the age of 92. Byrd was literally wheeled out to vote on Obama’s health-care reform bill and has been “in failing health” for about as long as anyone can remember. The Democrat is best known for being a Ku Klux […]

No idea if this is a hoax or not, but a self-identified Republican, “Abraham” — like the famous Jew! — called into CSPAN to ask Republican Sen. John Barrasso why Robert Byrd hadn’t died after Tom Coburn had instructed everyone to pray for it, and they had acquiesced? Maybe Tom Coburn doesn’t know God so […]

The always admirable Sen. Dick Durbin — Barack Obama’s white father — is super upset with the behavior of this health care debate’s most shameless Senate C-Streeter, Tom Coburn, a dick. He is demanding that Coburn “explain” an earlier prayer call for a Democratic senator to miss tonight’s 1 a.m. cloture vote, SOMEHOW. Hmm. Which […]