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Tag: riverside

Note the Leia-bun knit cap

You Know You Want This Star Wars Speeder Bike Rocking Horse: Your Saturday Nerdout

It's your Saturday geek-out, so have another bulb of coffee, or tranya, or Romulan ale -- it's the weekend after all -- and enjoy. Most Awesomest Nerd Dad Ever Builds little Speeder Bike An Australian dad and Instructables addict, ‘Tez Gelmir,’...

California Gets In On Hot Fun Screaming-At-Brown-Babies Action

Turns out Virginia isn't the only commonwealth thingie that likes to scream about crime and brown babies. The hippie-dippy lovechildren fruits and nuts in California (just kidding, Riverside isn't really California) would like to scream about crime and brown...

Southern California County Supervisor Decides It’s Time to Secede

"Divided we win" or whatever: Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone is tired of all of California's terrible unsolvable debt problems, welfare queens, crappy public schools and those annoying "greenhouse gas regulations" keeping everyone in Los Angeles alive. So he...