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LOLOLOL so fucking dumb. Anyway, come learn some smart stuff about art and the Renaissance and the Church, by me, not by the stupid person.

Here Is Adam Rippon SING-SKATING To Rihanna, Because Of Course He Is

Oh look at me, I'm Adam Rippon, I'm good at stuff.

Black GOP Senator Treated Just As Badly By Cops As Black Folks Who Aren’t GOP Senators

Maybe white Republicans will listen to THIS guy.

Rihanna Is Your New President Of Helping People Be Gay

There are so many things to be sad about in the United States Of The World. Syrian refugees, Donald Trump, the "Ziki Fly," Justin Bieber, Ted Cruz's penis, terrorism, the Duggar series reboot ... you name it. If you want...

Rihanna’s Boobs Lift Us Up Where We Belong

What has HappyNiceTimePeople's new editor-in-chief, Sara Benincasa (THAT'S ME!), been doing over there at our sister site? Oh, you know, stuff. We chilled you out with a totally chill British lady doing mind wizarding or whatever. We creeped you out with...

Camille Paglia: Ladies Having Sex Sucked Out Of Them By Sexy Pop Music

Let's be honest, women. You have a TON of choices, a veritable smorgasbord, of women writers who will make you feel bad about who you are. Whether it is  Suzanne Venker concern trolling the ladies and telling them that...

Obama Cares More About Dumb Skip Gates Than Every Woman On Earth, Combined, + Rihanna

Well it is ABOUT TIME someone spoke out about Obama's malicious treatment of Rihanna that night like a year ago when her boyfriend, Rihanna's Boyfriend, hit her. And look, we already have the Daily Beast, explicitly designed for the...

Bukkake Party Tonight

Friday, Feb. 13: Talib Kweli, one of underground hip-hop’s most notorious MCs, plays Sonar tonight in Baltimore. Jean Grae, a female rapper from NYC by way of Cape Town, opens. Bukkake Party Tonight obviously didn't get the memo that...