Let’s be honest, women. You have a TON of choices, a veritable smorgasbord, of women writers who will make you feel bad about who you are. Whether it is  Suzanne Venker concern trolling the ladies and telling them that if they just weren’t so angry all the time, the mens would marry them or K-Lo […]

Well it is ABOUT TIME someone spoke out about Obama’s malicious treatment of Rihanna that night like a year ago when her boyfriend, Rihanna’s Boyfriend, hit her. And look, we already have the Daily Beast, explicitly designed for the publication and promotion of such a crucial polemic:

YOUR WEEK IN MUSIC  9:45 am February 12, 2009

Bukkake Party Tonight

by Malaka Gharib

Friday, Feb. 13: Talib Kweli, one of underground hip-hop’s most notorious MCs, plays Sonar tonight in Baltimore. Jean Grae, a female rapper from NYC by way of Cape Town, opens. [Sonar]